With my ride or die Chic 😊
Commissioning of the InterCity STC buses.
#NDC #JMToaso
  • dramani_mahama1With my ride or die Chic 😊
    Commissioning of the InterCity STC buses.
    #NDC #JMToaso

  • koasidkdTruly you're settling a base... JM,dope
  • sanileo@boneskellionz it's obvious you don't even read. Stop following headlines and read bro. It will do you a lot of good. On the other hand you claim the ordinary Ghanaian cannot get money to board the STC buses. Where are you getting that data from. There is competition in the system. Go to the nearby station and see how people are clamoring for the VIP buses. Merely calling someone stupid doesn't opiate you from your own or?
  • sanileo@boneskellionz http://citifmonline.com/2016/10/18/fuel-price-up-by-4-not-11-npa/. Maybe you should read this to help curb your ignorance. Since the deregulation, fuel increase isn't uniform anyway. Like I said you better read before calling someone stupid. If you can't click on the link. Just type it in google to help you
  • sanileo@bigsam_sa what is funny is that these guys insult people with joblessness meaning that they have good paying jobs and are living good under the incompetent president. You see the irony?
  • sanileo@boneskellionz I told you tou obviously don't read. I have provided a link to cure your ignorance about the 11%. You are asking me now to go to a filling station and ask. I don't think you got your 11% figure from a filling station did you? Secondly I am not here to go back and forth with you whiles you shift post and zigzag from A to Z. Just don't go pointing a finger at someone calling them stupid when you have 3 fingers pointing to your damn self
  • hallowellfaizCutey
  • charitymensah7392Lyk father lyk daughter.....still idey bee k3k3 @president_mahama
  • dzifaamaakator@boneskellionz Your reply is as lame as ur #microdick. You need to learn on your come back attacks. Fcuk it I forgot you are just a shithead💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 adios
  • young_0gWould u as a father put your daughter through the same school as kids in the rurals? Would u as a father let ur daughter out in the wilderness#country to take responsibility for herself in the economy with its living conditions like the rest of your children (citizens of ghana)? I cant only blame u but the rest of the leaders u appointed ... This has everything to do with how uneducated the leaders are. Having qualifications dont make u smarter or wiser.. comissioning stc should b a secondary solution as the primary (basic) problems such as electricity,water,petrol hasnt been sorted yet? #Thinkmahamathink #uwontputyourchildthruthisSowhyothers
  • vw_ghana@boneskellionz is #microdick. #Shithead, did u say that? @dzifaamaakator do not comment on such issues . We are moving forward👉👉👉👉
  • rhodalynquaye24Jm toaso
  • __nana_adwoaJM TOASO👍🏽
  • _adwoa_1JM toaso
  • sweet_estyJm Toaso
  • bro.sena_ghu do all JM. JM Toaso
  • candy_blanksonBeautiful girl
  • official_nana_1.b2kJM twaso
  • nanasarpong82Every child matters,Mr put smile on all children faces in ghana
  • mz_emefa_acolatseTOASO OOOO TOASO
  • maghajia_1My name sake.... pretty lil miss
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