• foldedpagesdistilleryGemina: 10/5 Stars .
    Explosive, Brutal, Hilarious, Unforgiving, Fist Pumping, Jaw Dropping. These are the words I’m using for Gemina. I started Gemina on Thursday and stayed up last night until 3 a.m. finishing it because I COULD NOT STOP. .
    It actually took me a few pages to get back into the groove of the style and feel like I had a good grasp of the situation, but I’m not calling that a bad thing. The amazing style that makes this book INCREDIBLE just takes a minute to lock into. .
    I’m not going to say anything about the plot or story because I don’t want to spoil anything. But let me tell you, the story, the new set of characters, all the high stakes situations are just perfect. (am I gushing? I’m obsessed) .
    This is brutal and unforgiving and heart stopping, but Kristoff and Kaufman add this perfect balance of humor all over the place that is just genius. Keeps the situation high tension and brutal, but takes just enough edge off that you’re heart isn’t going to explode. .
    But it’s the format, people. Not only does it make this a cinematic read, but adds surprising emotion. I definitely choked up a few times when I turned the page and read the words the way they were presented. .
    Also, there are several pages of read in this that I felt were absolutely brilliant. It’s a spoiler to say why, but while I was engrossed in the story, I was also absolutely delighted by how the format transformed it into something next level. .
    I’m extremely nervous. Illuminae and Gemina were nothing short of amazing. I’m so nervous for how the third book will wrap up. I’m going in with mega high expectations and I absolutely can’t wait. .
    I tip my hat to Kristoff and Kaufman for imagining up and executing such a brilliant and brutal reading experience. .
    ‼️solar system necklace by @eejewellery

  • so_chaoticI'm so upset. My copy is missing 33 pages!! I need to know what's happening!!!
  • paperbackparamourCan't wait to get into this series! This photo and that necklace are beautiful 😍😍
  • foldedpagesdistillery@mvoisin if they pull off an amazing final book, this series will rank suuuper high on my favorites list. The first two are just awesome! (Also, I need to email you back. I am so bad at email. We should just talk on the phone some time and catch up!!)
  • foldedpagesdistillery@so_chaotic WHAAAAAT!!!!! Outrage! Are you able to exchange for a new copy?
  • so_chaoticRight?! I just posted the page numbers on my #bookstagram. I'm so upset. I need to know!! I think I can. It was gifted. So I have to contact my friend who gifted. And then she will have to contact Amazon... I think I'll head to the store tomorrow and read the missing pages 😂 I can't wait that long!
  • so_chaoticLike I literally just found out it's messed up. I'm 350 pages in 😭
  • foldedpagesdistillery@so_chaotic now that's torture. I was up nearly all night because I could not put it down. So if I were in your position I would be dying. Sending thoughts and prayers to you in this hard time. 😂😂
  • thebooksatchelAwesome. Glad you loved it so
  • so_chaoticI AM DYING!!!! Send me shots. Screen shots 😫if it's a misprint I am headed to @barnesandnoble to get some reading done tomorrow 😂
  • foldedpagesdistillery@so_chaotic how many pages are you missing? I will send you photos for real.
  • so_chaotic33 stinking pages 😭 really?! You would straight up make my night.
  • foldedpagesdistillery@so_chaotic page 350 to 383?
  • foldedpagesdistillery@foldedpagesdistillery oh dude, also, if your friend bought it on Amazon she/he should be able to read it online for free. Maybe they will let you in their account? But I am 100% down with sending you phitis
  • foldedpagesdistillery@so_chaotic that comment was for you, not me 🙈👆🏻👆🏻
  • cosyreadsahhh I still need to get Gemina! 🙈
  • project_lectitoOMFG, I binge read it over 48 hours. Just finished. Absolutely BUZZING!!
  • abigailsbooks32This is such a beautiful picture
  • lbturner_what is that book below it?
  • litjoycrate10/5 😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • jaimebug1@foldedpagesdistillery I suggested it for my book group this past week, but they apparently don't like reading books that that leave you hanging if there still needs to be some released. I told them we'll read it next November. But I just ordered Illuminae on Amazon this evening. I'm excited to read it.
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