Awesome timing. :(
  • sixuntilmeAwesome timing. :(

  • accordingtostacey☹️️ hope they can get you a replacement quickly!
  • suzaewerJust happened to us Tuesday night, got a replacement yesterday and it gave an error message!
  • holliewoodkyDislike.
  • amanda_leach😩
  • thjryisinI get Err 121 So often i hate it.... do you know what HWBLE is?
  • orbitactivegirlHawrible!
  • brownkkebTotal guess, but could HWBLE have something to do with hardware (HW) and Bluetooth (BLE)?
  • hanneke_van_proosdijNooooo!
  • sixuntilmeI won't be able to call them for another hour or so, but I think your guess is quality, @wyowiseguy.
  • thjryisin@wyowiseguy I have had 4 or 5 since I started dexcom in February... much much much better than the medtronic though but I'd love to try the Libre as well
  • fatcatanna@sixuntilme Kerri thats with the Dexcom G5? I can't remember if you switched over to the "otherside" or still with Animas. I use a Dexcom CGM Platinum G4 and receiver is still going strong and into it's 3 year soon!
  • sharechrisman😕
  • sixuntilme@fatcatanna This is the G4 receiver. My endo asked me to use the G4 during pregnancy bc she preferred the G4 data print outs more. I am using G4 until my transmitter dies. :)
  • fatcatanna@sixuntilme ... ok gotcha.
  • amytendWait, did we figure out what HWBLE is??
  • sixuntilme@amytend I totally forgot to ask when I called Dexcom. When they said a new receiver was being overnighted, I got distracted by joy. :)
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