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  • setternI went into the Atlantic Ocean in September to test the Watch's GPS tracking. BRR.

  • freshmixtureSomeone deserves a raise 👍🏻
  • murderofcro.wsI've been curious how an audio Bluetooth connection would fare. 🎧🌊
  • runinfall@murderofcro.ws won't work, bluetooth has a wavelength around 2.4 GHz, which water absorbs really well (see microwave oven). So the range is very limited.
  • m_donny87It's pretty cool outside today but the waters still warm lol. Testing the hell outta that watch good stuff iMore guys
  • redsabrDude...
  • acha8500looks like Apples classic buckle leather band... O_O dunked into the ocean :'(
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