• unconventionalbakerInfused water is like one of my absolute favorite things, esp with anything I can find in the garden or forage. In fact, I think one of my first posts here on IG was for some rainbow infused water (gosh that feels like so long ago now! 😳). Anyhoo... Made this infused water with some end of the season basil from the garden yesterday. I paired it with some rose buds and berries and a hint of maple and it was just incredible. I'm quite experimental usually, but never thought basil and roses would get along so well in one recipe.

    If you want to make this, just grab a jug or giant mason jar, fill it with some blackberries and blueberries (raspberries and strawberries were great too in another batch I made), a giant sprig of fresh basil or a big handful of fresh basil leaves, and a handful of edible dried rose buds (you can buy them in tea shops if you don't have any on hand). Add a hint of maple for a delicately sweet version. Cover with cold water and let sit at least 30 mins, strain some of the water into a glass and enjoy 🌿🌸 I usually refill my jug with water throughout the day as you can infuse water more than once with the same batch of ingredients.

    In this photo I used a beautiful new infused water bottle sent to me by @DROPbottle for an awesome travel-friendly option + I loved how convenient it is because of the built in strainer and handle. My former infused water bottle was quite small in comparison so I was using it mostly for teas and such and making infused water in mason jars, but this one is a good size for doing stuff like this 💕. LOVE.

    #basil #infusedwater

  • nourishmemumGorgeous Audrey! I love the @dropbottle
  • elaveganSo beautiful! I love infused water 💕
  • theradiantkitchenIncredible artistic capture Audrey!! Infused water in the @dropbottle looks so refreshing 💕💕😋
  • fullestmomNever tried edible roses but heard a lot about it. Thanks for the suggestion of the tea shop. Lovely picture.
  • conscious_cookingBeautiful infusion!! 🌿🌿🌹💜
  • _amanda_bradshawInfused water is so beautiful !! Love what you created 😘
  • myperfectgreensLooks gorgeous
  • thequeenofvegetariancuisineI never thought about putting rosebuds in my infusions 😃
  • trinityskitchenWow ✨✨I can feel that awesome energy here 🌻✨🌻
  • the.young.and.healthyWow. Amazing
  • turmelixir😄
  • edgarrawSo gorgeous!!
  • real.and.wholesome😊
  • rawfoodzproductsYour recipes are spectacular. Thank you!!💚💚
  • noraspirationBeautiful 💖
  • heylookaneesaWhen you say maple do you mean maple syrup or maple sugar or something else?
  • thebananachronicleswoop 🍌
  • unconventionalbaker@heylookaneesa maple syrup. Sorry, should have been clearer but just jotted this down quickly in here. Maple sugar would probably be fine too though, so long as you give it time to dissolve.
  • greenysherryAwww so beautiful, Audrey ❤️💕! I love my @dropbottle so much!
  • rachels.fit.kitchenI love my @dropbottle too 😋🌷
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