So excited to share my new album with you all. Thank you for all your support. xo Link in bio
  • idinamenzelSo excited to share my new album with you all. Thank you for all your support. xo Link in bio

  • richiie_14Downloaded it earlier @idinamenzel! Along with @kchenoweth's as well!!! Gonna give 'em a listen soon!
  • leia_nogCongrats on your engagement! I'm a big fan of Aaron Lohr's
  • fotixa_uz👈
  • emleboeuf_rnCongrats on the engagement! 💍 Tell Mush I said hi! 😉
  • katherine.cardinale8!!!love
  • thursdaysmontreal
  • otmvisualsFUCK. IT. UP. YAS QUEWN
  • _livelaughdieMy girlf has just bought me this; and I screamed down the house, love you idina❤️💁🏾
  • eecreifAlbum=bae💕
  • ayeelalyySlaaaaaayy
  • mrs.atom43icI love "Everybody Knows " on repeat also " I Do" & "Cake" of. Course ❤️"Queen of Swords" 👏🏼👏🏼💍
  • prguy1968❤️ the new CD. Congrats
  • idinakimmentzelThis album is truly spectacular! I love how it's so real and personal and love that you've shared that with us! You're so loyal to all your fans and that's one reason why I love you so much!! Xoxoxoxo
  • mckenzieeperezLea's twin.
  • misshollyjojoI have to tell you SMALL WORLD has impacted my family so much. I sang this song for a friend and family member who lost his life to addiction. This song brought so much comfort and peace to a grieving family. I'm a former broadway singer & single mom. You speak to my soul. Love and so much RESPECT. Bless you.
  • idinakimmentzelThis album is so personal to you that it makes me love it even more. Just listening to the lyrics makes me so emotional and I'm so proud of how strong you are no matter what you've been through. You are the best inspiration I could have! ✨ xx 😘
  • alex._.pryorBtw this album is legendary and amazing and iconic
  • megan_b_niceWhat. An. Album. 👏🏼🙌🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️
  • photography4life78I so love your album and i just picked up my copy today . "Queen of Swords" is my most favorite song on your album.
  • eloyreinertI loved!!!! This album is so perfect... I'm in love for "Everybody Knows" and "Extraordinary"... Thanks Idina you are a spectacular singer and actress 😘