Yikes! @chrisbrownofficial calls out his baby mother @___niaa___ 😱

Via balleralert
  • fameolousent_Yikes! @chrisbrownofficial calls out his baby mother @___niaa___ 😱

    Via balleralert

  • meraki.skinsI hate when women and men do that to each other, never disrespect the mother/father of your children publicly. He could have called her ass and said all that. Remember that's your daughters mother
  • alyssa.alvarezxWell. He should've of had the baby with her. Karma for playing kae
  • 4evamackalicious@alyssa.alv yupeee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • pheniciaakiraChris brown used a condom what are you saying
  • pheniciaakiraLmfaooo I love @chrisbrownofficial always have
  • amylalady@iamtrinitybankz but she can right...
  • iamtrinitybankz@amylalady there's a slight difference she doesn't have a fan base or a platform. When he bashes her he has fans that harass and taunt her. Imagine how royalty might feel if when she gets older all of this mess is brought to her attention. And what she is saying aren't lies he does do drugs he is a violent person. And yes as a famous artist he should take the high road and ignore her shenanigans it will make him look better in front of their judge. Just like he should have taken the high road instead of beating rihanna up like he did or all the other times he went to jail for beating someone up. We would've been as big as rih rih if he had restraint and self control
  • mallardrocksBut he should have thought about before impregnating her smh
  • mallardrocksthat*
  • amylalady@iamtrinitybankz yes but you talked bout "he shouldn't bash his baby mother on social media that's why karma is getting him" how is karma getting him and not her?!it doesn't matter if his a celeb,it doesn't make it OK to bash him..he is her baby father!so you think roro would be happy to see her mama talking trash bout her dad?!so you telling us its OK for her it doesn't matter if she does it cause she doesn't have a fan bas?so she has every right?!or because she tell "the truth"?? But he is telling the truth either,she is a drug dealer scammer and even a hoe did nude picture and she is a gold digger, did has,issues with the law to?!by her telling it on social media aint better she make him look bad 2!"if it was the truth" why did she open her legs to him cause his issue was all on the news he couldn't know hers,causs we all act nice at the begin. But his behaviour was all on the news..and she comes every time for him!!she did it the last days with that Kevin gate video all that cause she wants money.its not easy to always take the high road if you cant do that,he neither caus he's human.... And since begin she was there shading him but like he said "he was trying not to answer or bring it" cause of their daughter so if she keeps doing it that mean she doesn't care bout their daughter...if you're ready to give get ready to get back
  • amylalady@iamtrinitybankz so it doesn't make it OK for her or for him....and he was on drugs now no more,he get tested every times when he goes on court since rih and even now BC of her..codei and weed came out but he did has a prescription for it..you really think a judge would have let him 50/50 if he saw drugs or aggressive behaviour with his child.. He did fight with people after rih but didn't beat and it was no women...the issue is he wants to co parent in peace cause he did accept that child (his failure) but she wants money more money that she doesn't deserve,cause she doesn't want to work..that the only issues so she is the problem...
  • imsoeffortlesslysexyEven though they clearly can't stand the ground each other walks on, there should still be some level of respect as they are both the parent of this baby girl. Never should he ever speak of his daughter's mom in this way and vice versa. His daughter is not going to be a little baby forever. One day she will be able to understand all of this nonsense and they are going to be sorry when she doesn't want to mess with either of them.
  • sabelle.sabonI was being funny. But youre late. @charlene_sherrell.
  • amylalady@charlene_sherrell πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜Š
  • aquaflow89Well you made her a bm stfu and keep it.classy
  • _missgates_πŸ˜‚
  • reinaporshThats crazy lol but we've been saying this though
  • ladyleslie08While there's truth in post, still mother of your child & a part of your kid. Hate for a child to look at all this negative as reflection of self. Be careful with your words. Silence is golden. Let them be messy alone.
  • goooshdangBut he laid with her unprotected, probably several times and didn't pull out. If she's low, so is he.
  • goooshdangAnd this is what dumb dudes do. Self sabotage. Now he lost someone faithful cause he was feeding the "birds" in the park lol
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