Why Not Me? out in paperback this coming Tuesday. You can preorder it now. See link in bio. Enjoy!!
  • mindykalingWhy Not Me? out in paperback this coming Tuesday. You can preorder it now. See link in bio. Enjoy!!

  • kristichynowethI had the intention of only writing it for myself, but then realized it may actually have the potential to go somewhere. I found a ton of similarities in the way we write, so I figured I would see if you happen to have any interest in becoming my Greg Daniels. Just let me know, thanks!
  • blushlingerieWe LOVE the book! You are amazing!
  • effyefyI waaaant @wyelenah
  • wyelenah@effyefy I had it while I was back home...I think I even asked on the group if anyone wanted to read it and then I came back with it!
  • effyefyNo you didn't!!! It's the other one that you asked about @wyelenah
  • wyelenah@effyefy haha I did, maybe you assumed it was the other one coz I got it almost two weeks after the release
  • anaida_rLoved your book <3 😍😍😍
  • dxnellenxbI love love love your books!! Please come up with new ones soon! 😍😍😍😍
  • cam_p.rica@arixne
  • arixneMa le lire. @cam_p.rica
  • andiamo____Finished reading your book last night. Really enjoyed it! Thank you for writing it! @mindykaling
  • _sdas@shdas_
  • mamanargesJust finished your book. First of all, you are the only "celebrity" I'm following so writing this is a first for me. Secondly, this book makes me wish you were a terrific friend and that I could call you up on the phone. Thank you 😊❤️
  • ournorthwoodslifeReading it now, I can't put it down!!! Please write another book!! I also which you were a terrific friend that I could call! 😍😍Your first book was great but this one, fantastic!!!
  • becs.syl48% into the book, you made me Google "Puta Gordita" after you wrote The Mindy Project was based on a Venezuelan tv show with that title. ...Bad idea. 😰😂
  • dya.nnnna@allenjroman
  • jhc00kI love this book. Mindy, you're so funny. And my daughters love you, too. You are a great role model for girls/women. Pretty on the inside and out.
  • elitedailymentionsHey @mindykaling. We've just featured this photo on an @elitedaily article. Type this URL in your browser to check it out: http://elitedai.ly/1683154
  • nishyjay@jamesaitken5 whai not me? 🐝
  • ishgirl8Mindy I love your book!
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