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  • hudabeautyOkay everyone, I see all your comments about my hair being damaged and falling out! Well I'm going to revive it (again) and this time I'm going to take you guys through it on my SC! I've told you guys before I never had thick or healthy hair naturally, even if it seemed it was (I just had a TON of tips and really good products). So I want to let you guys know how I make it stop falling, breaking, and create a shiny strong mane 😉😉😉😉
  • hurii_85@yussi2014 🙈🙈🙈 صايرة كلششش مو حلوة... حبابة لتسوين 😬
  • henna___by_hana💜💜
  • 2happyfatoomU look better with black hair.
  • 2happyfatoom@salma_c_k , more details about the iron pls
  • salma_c_k@2happyfatoom here is an article for you! http://www.philipkingsley.co.uk/clinics/from-the-clinic/ferritin-and-hair-health/
  • salma_c_k@2happyfatoom not many people know about this because most doctors are unaware of the need to check the iron level in the blood serum. Try to look up a trichologist in the UAE as they are hair experts. But I take iron supplements and also some hair nail and skin supplements. Don't spend a fortune in gimmicky hair solutions as they honestly are not worth the money!
  • 2happyfatoomThank you @salma_c_k
  • pink.kitty.shopمتجر بينك كيتي لبيع اجود منتجات التجميل للعناية بالشعر والبشره ، اجود الماركات الامريكية والبرازيلية وغيرها ..تابعونا لمزيد من المعلومات
  • betty_hairfashion❤️
  • miriam_k.hansenWhat's her snapchat?
  • dahliamishoTry @brazilianbondbuilder Demi permanent conditioner. It's a brand new category that just launched. It heals the hair from the inside out. I taught a class at Dollhouse Dubai and introduced some of Brazilian Bond builders products in January. 💜
  • babitasajiThose lips look so fake
  • wanlilisheryLips look soweird
  • el_negro_de_tolosaBESOSSS DE ARGENTINA
  • enas1404يوجد لدينا فيتمينات شقر بير هير الي تكلمت عنها المودل روز بالاضافه اي مواد تجميل لمركات عالميه الاصل ودرجه اولى
  • makeupholic_moon@hudabeauty I think everything about you is perfect 😀😀😀
  • ukii___@miriam_k.hansen her snap is 👉realhudabeauty
  • muavekayGorgeous either way Huda, I'm sure all is well and in good hands when it comes to your hair 💜
  • amiramashalyy@adhamfendi
  • yaraabuhammad98@rand.suhail
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