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  • emiboileauErich graduated YMCA language school today. I'm beyond proud of him!! He's not only fluent but surpassed me with kanji reading too. God and teachers know how hard he studied throughout the past years--- studying about 6-8 hours a day in addition to having a job--- Erich even received a special award for being an outstanding student (an award only given to one person among the graduates!) God is so good for blessing his study and jp skills! Yay! 😇😌😊and to see people say out loud how handsome he is when he makes a public appearance...lol #YMCA #Japanese #husband

  • r_boileauHooray! Congrats @erichboileau !!
  • r_boileauAlso, nice job on your prestigious award. Fra-gee-lé. It must be Italian! @erichboileau
  • serafina_randazzoCongrats @erichboileau! So impressive!
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