• myleikthis week on @curlbox TV we chat with @unclefunkysdaughter owner Renee Morris in my office. tune in for her hair journey as well as how & why she went about purchasing the brand. hope you're loving this volume of #curlboxnatural!

  • bythiswomansworkGood Morning Fabulous One! Have a great day!
  • bythiswomansworkThanks for all the inspiration and the example of what grace and excellence look like together!
  • myleik@bythiswomanswork 😘😘😘 Good morning! Thank you. 🙈
  • justasiam4Your skirt is everything!
  • shalleenkayeLol I keep thinking about your snap "I know I'm not supposed to wear this necklace but...."
  • thehairoine@myleik I've been bingeing on your podcast. I just can't get enough 😁. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and the people you've met along the way. You keep it real while keeping it inspiring 👏🏾👍🏾😘
  • erikaprevalLove your hair!
  • chas_b@shalleenkaye LOL. That's the first thing I thought just now. 🙈 It's so cute though. They couldn't deny her - and in her office too. #dontplay 🙊
  • stayreddyok your hair is EVERYTHING. and i loooooove uncle funky's daughter products! so much goodness in one photo
  • focusednsmilinFirst time using this line and I loved the curlbox natural box..smells amazing
  • damicaporterI see they made that necklace work! Fab!
  • paparazziprettyI'm excited to hear this interview. The original Uncle Funky's Daughter in Houston was epic. I can't wait to hear what she will do with the brand.
  • ilovegrooveYour hair😆❣😀
  • daricereneHave you watched @mskhemet?
  • mskhemetEek! I didn't know. Uncle Funky is my boo! Lol!
  • cest_moi_nicole@luv2pak
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