We have all 3 of our fresh hop beers on tap at our brewery taproom. Fresh Hop Pallet Jack brewed with fresh Simcoe hops from @loftusranches Tributary Hop Farm in Granger WA, Hop Truck Crossing IIPA brewed with fresh Citra hops from @carpenterhops in the Yakima Valley WA, and Fresh Hop Turmoil brewed with fresh organic Chinook hops from @idahohops Jackson Hop Farm, Wilder Idaho. These are very limited beers, and we brew them to celebrate the hop harvest and the farmers that grow these beautiful hops! @selectbotanicals, a huge thank you for making IPA brewers look like rockstars!! #independentbrewery #oregonbeer #hops #craftbeer #local #nothazynotjuicyjusthoppy #freshhop #weusehopsnotpumpkins
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