Plug into reality // #ItTakesCourage to ditch the screen and embrace the world around you // Link in bio
  • raybanPlug into reality // #ItTakesCourage to ditch the screen and embrace the world around you // Link in bio

  • matigwoLove it
  • racabrerosdeep
  • tuvansoykanBrutal yet strong and accurate.
  • dehanramadhanDeep
  • beccab90@lsolis87
  • dtcteeAwesome profile
  • makdeveraWhat do you mean about this?
  • trlanphuonggWow
  • happyyellowdressSTILL no response... In April I contacted Luxottica about getting replacement lenses for my raybans. After much hassle I was finally given a number that someone actually answered. I FINALLY received the lenses 2 months later and took them to my original point of purchase, where I was told that that particular frame could not have the lenses replaced... I contacted Luxottica about this and received an email, saying I'd be contacted in 10 to 15 business days. It has now been 30 BUSINESS days, and no response. A week ago I contacted again through facebook and was told a dedicated team would handle my issue, and also to try using a form on a different site. I did and received a message saying I'd get a response in 2 business days, and if not, to check my spam. Still no response, and still no contact from the dedicated team. Now I am left with unusable lenses, and unusable frames. What will you do to fix this???? There are consumer protection laws out there! My Raybans were GUARANTEED! I paid, and am willing to pay to have them fixed, but no one will respond to my MANY messages!!! Do I have to sue in order to get a fu**ing response!?!?!!!!
  • 0sahonGreat concept!
  • specstore_opticiansLove Rayban's advertising, so original!
  • 42wpt_lifestyle😂😂😂
  • dopest013So ist das 😄
  • shreya__kashyap@malavikaromel how I feel like when Im in the train with you. You can't take your eyes off your phone.
  • king_manny_obthannHhh
  • spacemakerlee90Hahahaha
  • bcareful16Perfect pic
  • luisdavidrj@rayban Great campaign guys!
  • naatekor84Love this!!!
  • official_amber_reiSo happy that I could work in this campaign!! ♥
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