« You know, 6 years ago there were no tourist on that Island, it was unknown, really pure, even locals over there never saw white people at this time. »

I was amazed by these words from Steffi, the owner of the Guest House where I was staying in Hoi An.

So this morning I decided to buy a boat ticket and go see this Island with my own eyes .

Indeed, it’s a really beautiful Island. I enjoyed walking around the small village,  passing by small houses where I could watch life coming from, going around the beach with white sand and sparkling turquoise waters. 
It’s even possible to stay overnight on the island and camp out in a tent on the beach!

But to be honnest it’s seems like the island does just about everything to discourage backpackers from striking out on their own. 
For exemple, foreigners are not allowed to use motorbike or bicycle (so it's impossible to get around), there’s also the ridiculous admission fee for the beach and the matter of foreigners getting ripped off on the chaotic public boat.
In the other hand, the island is encouraging mass group tours with thousand people arriving each morning like they’re waging an invasion.

So is a trip to Cham Island worth it? Yes for sure. But what used to be a pure and beautiful Island is becoming, little by little, an old souvenir. 
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