Meet Guillaume, the Dark Phantom Thief! YouTube link in profile! #SummonersWar #YourWarYourWay #Guillaume #DarkPhantomThief
  • summonerswarappMeet Guillaume, the Dark Phantom Thief! YouTube link in profile! #SummonersWar #YourWarYourWay #Guillaume #DarkPhantomThief

  • mobile_hksSelling Asia server c1 account message me on kik at xRedemptionx for pic of my monster
  • jake_terzakJokes on you guys you will never summon him
  • dracosearI play this game, I love it but the only issue is everyone treats low lvls like shit, i tried to ask about a problem I might have found a hacker and I got called a fucking retard, thanks channel 126
  • diegothecommunistyou guys are fucking losers^
  • _benjabinamin.spamzIM SAYING HI TO MYSELF :D
  • sona.leagueI wish you guys would come out with your own moba like League of legends. After 6 months it got too boring to constantly hit auto. But i love your characters.
  • ayoitztyler
  • brandyhogan21@dracosear Most are assholes! Don't let that discourage you. There are a lot of chill people who are willing to help. Always check out 420 first. That's where I got tons of help when I was low level.
  • dracosear@brandyhogan21 doesn't matter, as long as your under lvl 50 no one gives a damn about you
  • dracosear@brandyhogan21 forgot to mention today I went on and witnessed pretty much everyone on 126 gang up on another player all because they don't like fedora
  • brandyhogan21@dracosear Like I said, I normally just hit up 420. I'm only lvl 30 and get tons of advice and help there.
  • tmbroekkampFCKING CANCER APP
  • joshuacaylenHi
  • summonerswartipsFollow us for tips and guides revolving this awesome game! 😄
  • jakemilmilNat 5 plz username: jakemiller85 need one cause game is getting boring and I need something good so plz
  • larassantunId: resyasky
  • larassantunBagi karakter nya games newbie
  • larassantunUsername: Ella!SB
  • haze2blaze#race4haze
  • carvalho_taironeAjeita a bosta desse jogo de merda, toda atualização é um problema, se procura suporte ao cliente é melhor deixar de jogar esse lixo, coreanos incompetentes... seus jumentos vtnc de saco cheio dessa merda todo dia da problema, vão se fuder bando de arombado...
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