• the.green.lifeHey guys! 👋🏻 Today I’m sharing a slightly different post here. I was challenged by the lovely @valentinahortus to share my #realdietstory, a movement that the ever inspiring Renee at @willfrolicforfood started earlier this week, to encourage all of us to share our personal diet journey. There’s so much more than the pretty photos we all see here on IG, and I thought some of you might be interested in hearing my story. 💕 📷 by @soniabourdonphotographe
    I grew up on pop tarts, frozen pizza and pretty much anything that came in a box. My mom was a busy single mom working during the day and raising her three daughters alone at night. She didn’t have time to cook and didn’t have money to buy fancy ingredients. She did her best to provide for her family, and that often meant cheap frozen dinners, lots of mashed potatoes, and all the packaged snacks you can think of. 🍕🍤🍪Fudgee-O cookies were my guilty pleasure and Dunkaroos my favourite school snack (if you were born in the 80’s, you know what I’m talking about!😛) You’d open a box of Kraft Dinner and I was the happiest girl in the world.🙆
    I grew up thinking that this was food. I was completely disconnected to where this "food" came from, how it was made and what it was doing to my body. I was 10 or 15 pounds overweight and as most teenagers my age, I started being conscious about my appearance. This is when my relationship with food shifted to an extremely unhealthy one. What was once making me so happy now became the enemy. In my early 20's, I went on every single diet you can think of and tried every tactic I could find to achieve an "ideal" weight. In my mind, healthy meant bland and boring.
    😑It took years of obsessive eating and yo-yo dieting before my mindset slowly started to shift. I started to understand that weight was not the answer, and that deprivation and dieting could never be sustainable. I learned that all calories were not created equal, and my world started to open up to what real food was. I knew nothing about cooking, but I started reading food blogs, cookbooks, and experimenting with real ingredients - mostly plants. Something in me clicked. ***END OF STORY IN COMMENTS BELOW👇🏼

  • the.green.life@lyndsey_eden So proud of you for listening to your body! It's truly admirable. Thanks for sharing Lyndsey!💕💕💕
  • figgindeliciousMagnificent 😃
  • shiramcdSophie, thank you for the tag, and for your honesty and courage to share here! Such an important topic, one I'm more than game to join in on 🙌🏻. Lots of love 😍😊💚.
  • the.green.life@gatheranddine I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed reading this Emily! And you're so right, I think the process never ends. And that's the beauty of it all. Thanks so much for your lovely words and support. It means a lot, friend. Big hugs 💖 xx
  • the.green.life@handfuel Thank you! 💚
  • the.green.life@lesfillesdemadeleine I couldn't have said it better! That's exactly it.✌🏼️💚
  • the.green.life@vollmundig_ Thanks Jess! Glad you liked it💕
  • the.green.life@now_forager Thanks, dear Teresa! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this. And thank you for sharing a bit of your story! It's an ever evolving journey, but it's a beautiful one! And I totally agree with you, I would not change mine for anything either.💛✨
  • the.green.life@thelittleplantation Thanks Kimberly! I try to avoid do's and don'ts as much as I can. Flexibility and openness is the way to go🙂
  • the.green.life@heartbeetkitchen You're too sweet, thanks Amanda!😘💕💕💕
  • the.green.life@valentinahortus Aw thank you lovely! YOU are amazing. Big hugs to you and thanks again for tagging me. It's such an important topic and I'm glad we both got to share our stories.💛💛😘
  • the.green.life@conscious_cooking Thank you Christine! It means a lot.💚
  • the.green.life@rea_aha Thank you so much!
  • the.green.life@healthcoach.jacki Thank you☺️
  • the.green.life@shiramcd Thank you Shira! I just read your post and it was so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing.💛💛💛
  • willfrolicforfoodWow YOUR AMAZING I love your story!!!! Linking to it on my "ex-vegan and proud" blog post 💕💕💕 let me know if you ever post this to your blog as well so I can link to that too
  • the.green.life@willfrolicforfood Aw thanks Renee! So much love for this #realdietstory movement. It's such an important topic. Thank you for initiating it.💖💖💖
  • theperpetualseasonSophie! I've been a little internet absent lately but thank you so much for sharing your story and being open - it's so lovely to learn more about you ❤️
  • cleanliving_byisabellaThis is a beautiful story thank you for sharing!! 💕
  • the.humming.herbivoreWhat we eat stops being a personal choice when it affects the lives of other beings, but you have an inspiring story nonetheless😊❤
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