A Wally Story: I came home to find Wally and Suki sneaking out of the house. I asked them where they were going and Wally told me they were just trying to be "normal bunnies on a Friday night." (I didn't tell them to at least wait until it's dark outside. 😆) I told them I'd be very sad and worried if they snuck out without telling me. So they informed me of their plans and what time they'd be back, and told me not to worry because they always use the "bunny system" (known to most of us as the "buddy system"). Then they huddled together and began whispering. They giggled and playfully told me to go away. Hiding behind the corner, I listened as they pretended to sneak out of the house again. Clearly, this is a very important "experience" for them to have. 😆 Bunnies!
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