Look what showed up today?! Look for the November/December issue of Oxygen, featuring the amazing @nicolemwilkins on newsstands October 18. #oxygen #girlswithmuscle #badass
  • oxygenmagazineLook what showed up today?! Look for the November/December issue of Oxygen, featuring the amazing @nicolemwilkins on newsstands October 18. #oxygen #girlswithmuscle #badass

  • lorin106Nicole is terrific, but Oxygen, you really messed up here. Appearances matter. Someone in your editorial staff should address this issue. Until then, I won't purchase your publication. I also plan to tell as many people as I can about this. You must do better in the future.
  • picture_meem@oxygenmagazine, you may have done the cover photo shoot before you found out that 3 black women placed above her including an Olympian! so i would assume your editorial team is already informing one of the three that they've been selected to be on the next cover now that you have all the facts... please confirm
  • murdock_fitnessNice work! Check me out if you wanna be inspired 😁
  • warrior_princess_fitShe is truly gorgeous
  • oxygenmagazineWe photographed Nicole and produced this issue before the Olympia.
  • drfalodun@oxygenmagazine shame on you!
  • mommysfitjourney@oxygen Latoya Watts won the figure Olympia title last year as well. I waited to see her on your cover. But that never happened! It would be nice to see her on your cover and the 2nd & 3rd place runner ups in the magazine! I mean we're talking the top 3 in the world!!!......I'm still a huge fan of Nicole Wilkins but it would be nice to see more diversity.
  • aprillovesliftinBut what about the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners I mean why feature this woman she didn't even win a metal? @oxygenmagazine you do realize you guys are going to be facing some serious scrutiny from the Afro American community over this right....you might want to pay attention
  • thealterfitegoShe is huge and manly looking! I'm no longer interested in this publication as I do not want to look like the people on your cover.
  • angk619GREAT JOB @oxygenmagazine ...as always an amazing issue...dont let these people bully you for choosing NW before the Olympia. Its yoyr magazine to put whoever you want on your cover!!!
  • fitnessmodelscoutYour girls are getting more and more muscular when the general population does not want to look this way.
  • sqnsport❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • madhay777@oxygenmagazine where is her sports bra/tank from??? Love it....
  • dananicolemauroSo gorgeous 💜💜💜💙💙💙✔️✔️✔️ @nicolemwilkins
  • bristolcole_fit❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • joyous_777Want those abs
  • zbrahamUnbelievable posts about racism! Why is this topic being brought into a magazine cover? There have been more than a few African American ladies and ladies of other ethnicities to grace the cover of Oxygen over the years. Number 1: The cover isn't determined by who wins the Olympia that year. 2: Can you deny that Nicole Wilkins embodies fitness, beauty, strength, and dedicates her life to sharing that with others? Someone who inspires me to live a healthier lifestyle is who I want to see on the cover, regardless of race.
  • fitbookas the ONLY 4-time #figureolympia champion, I can't think of anyone who deserves the cover of @oxygenmagazine more than @nicolemwilkins. She represents this sport with genuine grace whether she wins or loses. I absolutely would LOVE to see Latoya on the cover, but I also know this cover was probably shot before the Olympia - before the winners were announced! Rather than insult and cut others down, let's lift others up! Nicole is a beautiful person inside and out and doesn't deserve nasty comments when she should be celebrated for her accomplishments. I'm sure she'll handle all of this just like she handled not winning: with a smile. because that's what true winners do! :-)
  • catherine.lovellI want this but we don't sell in nz @oxygenmagazine
  • fitnezlifterBeautiful! I use to see her at competitions back in the days and she was the sweetest person ever!
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