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  • concioussoul☝☝☝How many people did you see at the BEThip hop awards wearing African designers or African prints?majority are in European designer with the man made hair or hair from Indian and Chinese people. How is this any difference from Marc Jacobs runaway?
  • moonpaw07@thestoryboarder these styles aren't for white hair. It's cultural appropriation plain and simple. I'm not gonna waste time explaining it to you because it'll go straight through your head.
  • concioussoul☝☝☝ it's all still made in CHINA. DO you see any Chinese people arguing on here?
  • concioussoulEverything is made in China not made in Marc Jacobs. Why are you beaches not mad about that? All the jobs are overseas and you are on ig arguing with Marc Jacobs about colorful faux dreadlocks. Get your life!!!
  • densiteee@thestoryboarder having something made in china, like iphones doesn't make it a part of chinese culture. women who use weave from other races aren't culturally appropriating. no one race owns straight hair. however, dreads are a hairstyle that actually has cultural AND RELIGIOUS significance to black people. You don't see models walking down the runway with hijabs, so why are dreads considered a free pass? also, saying "get ur life!!" after the end of ur sentence doesnt make it sound any less ridiculous lol please stop.
  • concioussoul@densiteee another man just got shot and killed, please channel your rage on that, not some stupid colorful faux dreadlocks. We have bigger issues to worry about like affordable housing, better education system, cure for cancer
  • densiteee@thestoryboarder that makes about as much sense as saying not to watch fictional tv shows like greys anatomy and only watch the news 24/7 because that's where "all the important stuff" is lmao don't tell me or any other black person what that should and shouldn't be concerned about. you can care about both lol it's not like ur brain only has room for one thought at a time. now if you'd kindly get tf out my mentions lol
  • concioussoul@densiteee you are part of the problem. Support black designers and businesses so they don't go out of business. All of you are too busy supporting and wearing European labels and when they don't include us you get mad. How many African prints did you see blacks wearing on BET HIP HOP AWARDS RED CARPET? how many black actors wore African/black designers on the EMMYS RED CARPET? let that sink in your brain
  • concioussoulNone of theose designers showcased plus size people, they do not make clothes for size 12+ . They don't have too. It's their BRAND. The average person is a size 14+ I'm in this category. where is the outrage about that? Stop trying to make Marc Jacobs a skape goat in this hypocritical world where most of you are fake, self centered, arrogant selfish,narccisistic, and bullies.
  • densiteee@thestoryboarder lmao call us blacks again. tell "us blacks" what to do again. you must have such a high opinion of urself considering u feel like u have the authority to dictate what an entire race should be doing. once again please step out my mentions lol
  • concioussoul@densiteee exactly the point. YOU OR ANYONE ELSE cannot dictate what a designer showcases on their runway. Its their runway not YOURS. DOUBLE STANDARD SHEET IS SO ANNOYING.
  • densiteee@thestoryboarder CAPTIALIZING you WORDS doesn't make you sound ANYMORE IMPORTANT LOL and there's a huge difference between masquerading another race's culture and using it as a costume with little to no representation of said race in you're show, and telling people to stop doing the aforementioned action. you simplify things too much lol what you are implying is that we shouldn't tell men "hey stop domestic violence and sexual harassment against women because "you or anyone else cannot dictate" how a gender runs their lives. white people (as well as poc) should not appropriate other cultures. men shouldn't rape women. both of those rules of thumb may restrict the actions of specific groups, but for good reason. that's just common sense. i don't know why you are trying so hard to prove marc jacobs right, or should i say the offended black people wrong. this topic doesn't affect you as a nonblack individual. you shouldn't be reacting so strongly. yet here you are, trying so hard to push your agenda for days lol. wyd ma? why are u so passionate in your effort to ignore countless black people? do you just not care what they have to say? you as a nonblack person, cannot define what racism is for a black person just like how i as a straight person cannot define what homophobia is to a gay person. you cannot tell me where that line is drawn because you haven't experienced what our race in particular has experienced. you can't say "this thing isn't racist". if thousands of black people are yelling at you that it is. but i guess ignorance is bliss. you can continue to talk to yourself on this thread. i'm don't trying to educate someone who obviously doesn't want to listen.
  • concioussoul@densiteee it's a free country and I can write for as long as I damn well please. Not only am I BLACK , I'm straight from the motherland. What irritates me the most is the hypocrisy I see in America. Most blacks do not support black businesses or wear African prints or designers. All I see from all you complainers are fake Indian hair, channel bags, European designers which is not a representation of Africa. Therefore shut your two face up and practice what you preach.
  • densiteee@thestoryboarder if you are black (which i doubt since you have no way of confirming so, ain't that convenient that u don't have a profile pic unlike the vast majority of india users) that u are displaying some serious internalized racism dear. straightening your hair or putting in tracks doesn't mean that you are any less black. no one race owns long straight hair and a few google images searched will provide you with a trove of black women with long straight hair. from here on out u are officially blockd lmao have fun talking to yourself.
  • concioussoul@densiteee just because I don't agree with you and your stupid faux dreads rage doesn't mean you are better than me. Exactly my point! I don't have to have a picture on my IG, just like Marc Jacobs don't have to not use whatever he please on his show. You are not George Clinton or GOD. Like I Said shut your two face up and get your LIFE
  • extraordinary_people@marcjacobs https://www.facebook.com/forharriet/videos/1160304924016292/
  • kidphotographyaustralia@densiteee no one race owns dreadlocks either my dear. First of all no group of people can own a hairstyle, second of all dreadlocks have origins in Peruvian, Indian, Celtic, middle eastern and Egyptian cultures thousands of years before Rastafarianism.
  • la.nique@kidphotographyaustralia why are black people discriminated against ?
  • kidphotographyaustralia@la.nique I don't know, it's not something I personally participate in. Maybe you could ask those on here who feel the need to tell others what is and isn't part of their culture, right to how they're allowed to wear their hair.
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