• alexisohanianProud to be working with @RayoufAlhumedhi and @jenny8lee on a proposal for the Unicode Technical Committee to add a headscarf emoji, for millions of women across the globe to be represented. She's doing an AMA in the @Reddit community r/twoxchromosomes right now (link in bio) and is easily among the most impressive 15 year olds I've met.


    Emoji have become such a big part of our communication (historians are going to have fun so much fun with this) that to leave out hundreds of millions of people is glaring. As a white American man I've greatly benefited from the different perspectives I've found on communities like r/islam where people are speaking freely about feeling marginalized. Emoji may not seem like a big deal, but it's one more way for a lot of people to feel acknowledged and represented -- and that's a good thing. ⬆️

  • rayoufalhumedhiThank you Alexis for your ongoing support!!
  • alexisohanian@mujupu seriously tho you should meet Rayouf, she's a force!
  • alexisohanian@rayoufalhumedhi OH! You're getting tagged now.
  • seifreblogsYou're so great Alexis.
  • ahmet17_deFUCCCK YOU
  • ahmet17_deFUCCCK Y
  • ahmet17_deSON OF A BITCJ
  • ahmet17_deI FUCCCK YOUR MOTHER
  • themuslimfeminists@ahmet17_de you're salty because you're not Armenian 😪 gross. Grow up. Learn your own damn history
  • ahmet17_de@themuslimfeminists slanders being taken to muslim, turks
  • velocitybikestoreBoom! ❤️
  • swiss_explorerHow about emojis of women being stoned to death or of decapitated gay people? Sharia law is practiced by millions and it needs emoji representation. You're just a hippie nerd, a degenerate who complies with anything as long as it comes from a "minority".
  • zeynep28kAwsome😍
  • 2014amaralMuch better effort to be fight against headscarfs. It's grotesque. So many women fighting against these medieval things with the risk of their own lives and you're fighting to further glorify it with an emoji...
  • margie_lolla@2014amaral why is it grotesque?
  • avecmarWonderful work!
  • sumaiyah1980Thank you.
  • sumaiyah1980And congrats on your engagement
  • susangossageLove this but we also need an Afro emoji!!!
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