• jackiepadeskyquiltsAs promised, here's a brief tutorial on how I like to make my #pineapplequilt blocks! The great part about these blocks is there is no wrong way to do them, and lots of right ways!
    1️⃣ I like to pull yellows in sets of four so that I can strip piece my units to form the yellow body. You need 24 2-1/2"strips sewn into 6 groups of 4 to produce 18 pineapples. 2️⃣ After sewing my 6 strips of 4, I like to press them all one direction and then I subcut them at 2-1/2". This helps to nest my seams when I construct the body of the pineapple. 3️⃣ I choose a variety of greens, along with my white background fabric, and subcut the number of 2-1/2" blocks needed to make the corners and stem units. 4️⃣ Then, I draw a line corner to corner and I sew on the line on the white squares to create the white background pieces. (Kind of like making a snowball block) 5️⃣ Next, I trim 1/4" from my seam and press my corners out. 6️⃣ To make your stem units you'll want to make HST's in whichever method you prefer to equal 2-1/2" unfinished HST's. 7️⃣ This quilt is great for using up scraps, and I generally have a lot of 2-1/2" strips, so I make my HST's from that size and sew corner to corner and then trim 1/4" from my seam down the middle. There is more waste this way, but if it's just scraps anyway, I'm ok with it! 8️⃣ Arrange your background squares and HST's to form the stem shape, and sew those units to your pineapple body. 9️⃣ Ta-da! You've made a pineapple block!!! 🙌🏻🍍 -
    Notes: you can press your seams however you like, to the dark, open, makes no difference to me! You can also make these blocks completely from scraps and ignore the strip piecing. That's usually what I do when I make a mini or single blocks. In that case you can sew your white corner pieces into HST's before you make your body, if you prefer. I've done it both ways and in the end it doesn't really matter when the blocks are sewn together. What am I missing, or what other questions do you have?! I hope this was helpful, and I can't wait to see all your blocks! 🎉😀 #pineapplequiltblockswap

  • jodie__youngSuper helpful 💞 Thank you! Fabric pulled and been little anxious getting started but feeling better now after your posts. Excited anxious as its my first swaps so want to get it right!😂😍
  • redeemed26Wish I saw his before I cut oodles of yellow squares! Ha! Totally rookie move! 🍍💛🙃
  • michellepixThank you so much! I was making my HSTs wrong. You are awesome! @jackiepadeskyquilts 💖🍍💖
  • sewnsaveLove this pineapple block. I need to put it on my list of projects!
  • reithahallSuch perfectly pretty pineapples 🍍
  • lindsayverwysGood job Jackie!! Thanks for the tutorial! 👍🏼
  • quiltedfromtheheartThanks💛🍍💛
  • libdil113Awesome! Thanks!!!
  • rivergirlquiltsThank you so much!!
  • veggiesandberriesRemind me of the deadline? @jackiepadeskyquilts
  • jackiepadeskyquilts@veggiesandberries no problem! Oct 15 for international, and Nov 1 for US
  • littlewifepowerhouseI emailed you then came on and saw this tutorial!! Thank you!! How much background fabric do you need though? 🙌🏼
  • janesfabricsThank you! I know it is too late to join your swap but just wanted to pop by and thank you for the inspiration. I love seeing all the colors on IG. This is now on my must make list! Is this the pattern or do I need to email you for a copy? 😀
  • jackiepadeskyquilts@janesfabrics no problem! If you'll email me I'll get you the layout instructions! 👍🏻💕🍍
  • janesfabricsHow kind, thank you I will! 😃
  • jackiepadeskyquilts@satwood1997
  • darscooper@ammytheartist I found this!
  • ammytheartist@darscooper wonderful! Do you prefer any particular color? :D
  • annchr01When making the stem what size sq. do you cut?
  • aaronandpuaAloha! I love this. Thank you for the free Pattern. Unfortunately I am having trouble understanding steps 3-8. Do you have another detailed set of instructions?
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