It's almost time... TUNE IN NOW TO @therealdaytime ... Just wait until you see these #SoGoneChallenges ... @comiclonilove @adriennebailon @thejeanniemai @tameramowrytwo
  • monicabrownIt's almost time... TUNE IN NOW TO @therealdaytime ... Just wait until you see these #SoGoneChallenges ... @comiclonilove @adriennebailon @thejeanniemai @tameramowrytwo

  • sirr__romeI love you for your positive energy but I just wish u would kick down the door and smack Brandy one more time!!! She just irritates me how fake she is. She's mad cuz she wanted the life you living now married with a husband and a beautiful family
  • mayas1908Can you be a permanent host?!?
  • yellahboydee@monicabrown today is my bday can i pleasssssse get a bday shoutout
  • nicholexwynter04I am a single mother of 4 kids. I am going to get evicted if I don't come up with $700. I recently got laid off from my full-time job. Any little bit can help. I would be very thankful. I just received my 3 day notice and am very desperate. Thanks for taking the time to hear my story Link in bio
  • sagittarius_15_12It was unfair & unnecessary for you to be asked that question.
  • camosoonerAs real as 3 dollar bill
  • brionnieeCheck out my #Sogonechallenge and tag @monicabrown if you like it ✨🙏🏾
  • iamleelee_pr@monicabrown What a way to kick off season 3 of the Real with the realest person I ever met. Love you boo😘
  • bitchimjermajestyCongrats @monicabrown I was so rooting for you
  • rainetideOMG. I LOVED u on the show yesterday!! Your positivity should absolutely be commended!! I agree with u. people took her words and tried to make a big deal out of her TWO words. I think she just didn't want to rap. People are always trying to stir stuff up. #KeepBeingYou Miss Thang :)
  • djerry75So glad you got it @monicabrown
  • angeliquemhw@monicabrown your dope Mrs. Thang 😊😊😊
  • dante_velez@sirr__rome AGREE!!!!!!!
  • korii_hornSomebody said brandy gone fuck around and lose the 15 fans she do have!! 😂😂 but you know ion like mess or drama @monicabrown
  • honest01True be told, Monia you was the only reason I tuned in. I love and support my ATL. However, we know the show must go on. I don' t like how the Tamar Braxton thing was handled. Less say even if she had to go. Its a proper way it should have been done. Life goes on and we live an learn. I think Tamar will still come out on top in the end. She is worthy and she knows her worth.
  • reneemczealWhere is Tamar? Oops i forgot. Very nice picture
  • inspiredbyqueensorgInspired by Queens, Inc. Is an upcoming non-profit organization that caters to mentoring, supporting and empowering young-adult women. Our goal is to break the misguided traits of at risk women by being the role models to young women that we look back and wish we had as youth by providing them the resources necessary to live a successful life. Please follow and support us!!! 👑👑👑
  • tifftemperanceCaught you on this show! I LOVE your positive attitude!!! Also a fan of your amazing talent!!! Been a fan for years!!! @monicabrown
  • thatstejFave Please Check Your DM Its Urgent 😂😩
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