• mamapapabubbaAttempting to get my life in order and get back to meal planning this week {finally}... Totally ordering the required groceries online while lounging in pajamas though. 😂

  • mamapapabubba#babysteps #lazysunday #mealplanning #saveonfoodsonline #mamaoftwo #kbnmoms
  • lauradgibbs@mamapapabubba I use superstore click and collect (save on doesn't do it here yet) and I find I save a lot of money and junk doesn't find its way into the pantry quite as often 😝😁
  • caitlinschooGreat idea! Did you make your own template? Looks very cute and the perfect set-up!
  • mamapapabubbaTotally! Save a couple of on sale items, I stuck to just what was on my list. So much less temptation to buy ALL THE FUN THINGS! ☺️ @lauradgibbs
  • mamapapabubba@caitlinschoo Thanks! I did make it. 😊 I'll be sharing it on my site this week!
  • stargirl76I can't wait until Loblaws does delivery here in Ontario. Did you make that meal planning aheet yourself? Thanks for sharing it soon. #awesomeMama
  • mamapapabubba@stargirl76 I did! I do very loose meal planning (I like to have 5 dinner ideas, but not have them slated for particular days) and I like to include a couple of activities that I want to do with the kids that week so I can pick up any needed supplies, so I needed something custom. ;)
  • rimajoykaneYay for online groceries!!
  • joycechbatI love the mug😍😉
  • artsyformandmHi Jen! Have you come across Weelicious? I just started following her and I've seen some simple recipes for kids. Hope you find something for Miss G.
  • nicolapicola23Love your list making paper ... Can I see a close up of that too ;) 👃🏽👃🏽👃🏽👃🏽need to create something to keep better organized
  • mamapapabubba@joycechbat I know, right? This really cool chic I know gave it to me. ☺️😘😘
  • mamapapabubba@rimajoykane Right?! Total lifesaver!!
  • mamapapabubba@artsyformandm You're so sweet! Yes, I've followed her for years - isn't she amazing?? Her website is CHOCK FULL of great kid-friendly recipes!
  • mamapapabubba@nicolapicola23 Are you on my FB page too? I shared a close up of this week's meals there and I'll actually be sharing my printable template on the blog this week. :)
  • artsyformandmThen I'll definitely be trying out some of her recipes. Thanks
  • nicolapicola23Yes I am - you are amazing. Can you also tell us how you manage to do it all ;)
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