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  • truthorangeFACT: Smokers earn 20% less cash than non-smokers. Meaning less cash to hang with your squad. Don't go #Squadless

  • toolboxdanI'm just trying to help u and keep u safe @kaaiiaaa @jazzyyjazz_ @cheyenne.cooper
  • bigbabyhuey78Just another day in the life of humiliating smokers into quitting. It's distortion and misrepresentation of facts that is the equivalent of fat shaming. You keep me blocked on Twitter because I called you out on your disgraceful commercials. Now I'll take you to task here for attacking the neutered tobacco companies while food companies kill us daily. One of which (R.J Reynolds) bought Kraft but hey, you guys keep talking about a product that's STILL illegal for underage people to buy, while soda and junk food are OK.
  • tyler_dicizzleThis is complete hogwash. The cart is being put before the horse. Smoking doesn't cause poverty, poverty creates smokers. It's a stress relief for those living in squalor.
  • phoenixlbbh^^
  • you_a_weeb_lmaoHip with the. memays am I right @truthorange
  • lucky_the_kid_Good to see im not the only one who knows this is bullshit
  • jason_brochuI'm gonna become a chain smoker this commercial makes me cringe so much it's cancer fuck u
  • birthday_zayShut the fuck up lmao
  • dank_hill.420.v2The message isn't the worst but these commercials are so fucking cringy
  • carsongracesong?
  • amberluneEven after visiting the website still haven't found any kind of logical explanation of how smoking makes you earn less lmao if you're trying to convince people to do or not do something it's probably not the best practice to call things 'facts' without any kind of evidence. Reaching a lil here
  • cseritijana@bettinovak @antoonia_kiss ezt az oldalt nezzetek meg
  • jerryd2I'm puffin a swisher rn
  • devonsuddeth_#StraightFromTheLungs
  • _jacob_tomlinSmoker do not make less cash you can argue that there money that they make goes to tobacco which leaves them with less cash. but that's not making less you could say the same thing with bread bread eaters make 20% less than no bread eaters
  • _poetloveThis is bull shit. Soft drink, gym payments, people who buy groceries, etc... earn less as well according to your statistics. It's a revolution, not
  • kyledavidhall_Did you know people die from eating unhealthy (eggs milk and animals etc) but if someone where to say that they would probably get sued
  • this.dud3This is bull shit people that smoke are not bad, people that do drugs like meth and cocaine is bad so this company should stop this bullshit
  • riverghollandDidn't know that @truthorange was classist too lmao
  • birthday_zayDo alcoholics earn less too...LMAO GOOD JOB
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