• tadiasmagEthiopia-inspired furniture by U.S.-based Jomo Tariku, Founder of Jomo Design Furniture and Hamere Demissie of Actuel Urban Living will be featured at this year's international Dubai Design Week festival in October. Jomo and Hamere's works were selected as submissions from design weeks around the world including Design Week Addis Ababa, and brings to the event "the modern-inspired minimalist spirit of traditional Ethiopian design made locally by skilled artisans." Hamere Demissie's Actuel Urban Living "will be previewing a collection of furniture, rugs and textiles with a refined organic feel, while Jomo Design Furniture will display a contemporary take on traditional African chairs crafted in hardwoods, inspired by African hand carvings, baskets and traditional woven textiles," states the press release from Dubai Design Week. 📷:Jomo Design Furniture, Actuel Urban Living #AfricanCreatives #EthiopianDesigns #DesignWeek #Ethiopian

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