• knithikebakeWhat did I get from Japan? 😱 Surprise inside.. My experience with WhiteRabbitExpress.com was a success!! (Totally my own purchase, not sponsored.) I ordered through their site on 8/24, received confirmation on 8/26, item arrived at my local PO on 9/8 for pickup. So really not bad! They marked my box as fragile as I requested as well. I'd recommend them for anyone wanting Le Creuset items from Japan - you do pay for the service - it's usually 12% but I ordered during a monthly special of 8% so if you can wait (not a special release) it may be worth watching for a "sale" on fees. ✌🏻️ #lecreuset #lecreusetaddict #lecreusetlove #lecreusetjapon #whiterabbitexpress

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