• jennysansoucimeditation door hangers in my graduation packet, from the 4-day @transcendentalmeditation training. ☺️ now, if only my little NYC apartment had doors... 😂 #studiolife #transcendentalmeditation #nyc #meditation

  • healthyeatslondonI like this.
  • balanced_life_leslieI love these door hangers! Did you like the training?
  • practicalmeditation😃
  • hoolawellnessNice!
  • runthehills_nicky81Always wanted to learn TM!
  • mama_bear_in_da_house@jennysansouci do you think it's truly worth the price? Do you think it's something you could learn on your own? I checked it out but it was waaaay out of my price range
  • jennysansouci@goddess_christie I'm going to write a full blog post on it addressing some of that, but essentially my reason for wanting to do the TM course the way it's designed is so I could speak about it in an informed way, vs. just speculating. anything that's even the least bit controversial like TM (controversial in the meditation world because of the cost associated with it), gets me intrigued, as an avid experimenter. ☺️ there are PLENTY of ways to meditate that you can learn for free (including mantra-based meditations) - so whether it's "worth it" is a subjective opinion, I guess. for me, it was, because I was so curious about it, and had been hearing about it everywhere, from people who've been practicing it daily for many years. I did it for the same reasons I did the Landmark Forum -- so many people speculate about it who haven't actually experienced it - and I don't like not being able to have an informed opinion. 😎
  • jennysansouci@goddess_christie and so far I'm really enjoying the practice of TM, but it's too early to tell, I'm gonna keep it up and see how I feel. I was looking for a daily, structured "strategy" so TM was attractive to me. that being said, there are, of course, lots of other ways to meditate daily besides TM. I hope that helps. ☺️
  • velvetorganicsbeautiful!
  • florasageofficialI didn't get those in my graduation packet! :( TM has changed my life.
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