Throwback Thursday to when I had my hands wrapped around these gorgeous girls. Rose Quartz has been a powerful force in my life over the last few years. The crystal of unconditional love and healing, rose quartz got me through some tearful nights and difficult days but guided me an endless journey back into a deeper love for myself and the unfolding of my life’s journey. As that chapter of my life drew itself to a close my time with that particular crystal also felt like it was done and I had the opportunity to share that piece of my heart with the beautiful @christianmauerer (I hope it’s treating you as lovingly as it did me? :)).
And now, as I embark on a new journey and chapter, I am ready to call in some new crystal in to my life! I think this calls for another light-filled, mala making sesh!
Sending the powerful healing and loving frequencies of rose quartz to anyone who feels like they could do with some deep, deep love and heart healing 💖🙏🏽
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