Circuit City #Element3D #MotionDesign2
  • andrewkramerCircuit City #Element3D #MotionDesign2

  • nixn213@andrewkramer you are the master!
  • iamshebbeVideoCopilot logo on chip: noticed.🌝
  • lemainstreamer@andrewkramer Game of thrones like intro? :D
  • oligram77@lemainstreamer is right, GoT first thing that came to mind, idea worth pursuing ... already looks awesome 👍👍
  • bayurahmawanWow dude, this is the most insane comp
  • iconovfxWow. Zen.
  • brian_chang97This is sickkkk
  • ibrahim.malik_aWow u should make a tutorial
  • zeinenzoSometimes i wonder if this guy is a vfx artist or some engineer guy from space.. that kinda stuff is way beyond me :o but great stuff man :)
  • mark_grandyWow this guy..... I don't know what to call him human or superhuman well done Andrew.
  • anish_gordonNice
  • omarkhaaalledWe need a tutorial for this Andrew 4 real
  • anish_gordonWe just need 1000 years to get you.. don't worry we are coming
  • alessandro.silvasAmazing!
  • visual__worldI want to be just like you in future....
  • joespazm_Krammer...omg! U just too good!!
  • gyroooglyphics@andrewkramer - Whenever I'm editing I get so caught up with what I'm doing that I forget how I got to know all the tools that I know (premiere, after effects, Photoshop, and many of your plug-ins). But then I stop to think, and I realize that's it's because of you and all your tutorials from the last 10 years that I've come to know After Effects and Premiere. Your zombie face tutorial, twitch presets, and optical flares all made such an impact on me. Maybe I don't have as much time to look at your work anymore, but I still remember everything you were working on back then. So I thought I'd say thanks and that I hope to have that same of an impact on others as well. Thanks to you I'm able to make a living shooting and editing, and it's awesome. You're the man Kramer. I'm glad I stumbled upon your Instagram today.
  • pmimagingstudioLol. Circuit city
  • davechapfilmsAwesome! Was there a trick to extending the ground plane or did you manually increase the size? Just saw the sample picture didn't have the plane fully extended but the render did.
  • dollarakshayDude what if you had put futuristic buildings instead. That would have been soo cool
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