• bexwellerTHREE YEARS AGO today, my love and I had just finished the last day in our corporate careers. Neither of us had a single paying client, or really any clue as to what we were getting ourselves into. But we had savings, a dream, and a determination to follow our passions.

    The first two years were particularly challenging. There were tears of frustration and of overwhelming joy. It was all-at-once confronting, maddening, thrilling, and awe-inspiring.

    Something shifted in our third year of business. Something big.
    It was only when I met a friend for smoothies and she asked, “How did you find the time to write your book?” that I realised what it was.

    I chose a single focus.

    When you’re multi-passionate, this can be tough, right? When we’re running our own businesses, we can be like kids in a candy store and want to try ALLLL the things. But I love the saying, ‘You can move ten things forward one step, or one thing forward ten steps’. .

    On New Years Day 2016, I asked myself, “If you had to choose just one thing to focus all your love and attention on, what would that be?” .

    I knew the way I was working wasn’t sustainable, and whenever I imagined having a single business focus, I felt overwhelmed with relief. My heart said @SexySobriety, so I listened.

    I decided to exercise a level of restraint and discernment I hadn’t used before. I stopped blogging about recipes and business. I turned down speaking engagements and other opportunities that weren’t completely aligned with my single focus. I unsubscribed from everything that wasn’t super helpful or inspiring.

    I stopped doing things I didn't love because I realised I can’t do it all.

    Choosing a single focus opened up delicious time and space so I could write and publish my book. It allowed me to focus all my love attention on sharing, upgrading and expanding Sexy Sobriety.
    In turn, we've seen a huge jump in members and interaction within the program. We're reaching more women than ever before, and changing more lives.
    Less busy, more impact.
    Because saying no to the things that don't truly light you up, liberates you to say yes to more of the things that do. ❤️x

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