• badgalririP.F.Dub. #FENTYxPUMA

  • rihanna_spnYou are everything to me
  • ari.veez
  • samisgroovnI'm just trying to reach out to Mr. West that I get life I observed as how everyone feels and explanes life through culture. And I see what he is still questioning about god, when he forgot where we came from and it's all in just one book. We just got to connect the dots and I've done so. But life makes it seem I have no voice when I do. And I cry as you all cry how people are treating their own blood like if they were nothing themselves and it hurts me to just stand and seen like an alien. When I see who the alien is in life. Me. But my desires are more important than things(material) paper* that's what Kanye doesn't get that's why he catches himself at the same spot as I do my self. But God works in mysterious ways, and he been telling us. Love is what we all forgot and Kanye gets it yet he doesn't believe in himeself as he questions gods words. Love-is being there no matter what. "Family" God. You just have to connect the dots that we are all christians who left our own kingdom that turned against us as we desired things more than to help human kind. As god said himself we are sisters and brothers. But we get blinded with objects as I see destroys every artist but still don't see it. There's only A Good and Bad. Never a grey in life. But that's how we all think and that's us questioning gods excistens. -Samuel 9:17 I cry for all human to stop hurting themselves as they all have a masked to be revealed too. ☦️🙏☯️♻️🔔👁👽📚⚜️♒️
  • _____shantigo live bae im stressed i need to see you & hear that voice😩😍
  • blueridge1988With the smile made my day
  • dy.fran😍
  • blacsworld😍😍
  • xoxo.saraiaHappy birthday
  • bb_summmmerhappppppppy birthday you beautiful human being! ♡🎂
  • vaalllljo😭💕
  • cgphotographyteamI would like to do a photo-shoot with you.I know you don't reply back to fans but...
  • eszterdudiLove you!🙏🏻💥😍
  • highkeyy.phi😍😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑
  • thetommyleon😍😍😍😍
  • 1.hueySmile through the pain
  • megginavyYour smile is my happiness
  • adamadam7777god bless island women
  • _.lokmvn@_.mashiyvth say whatttt
  • _.mashiyvth@_.lokmvn take ur khalain elsewhere fam😂😂😂
  • king_obrien88Having a Rihanna moment.... 💓💕💖💘😘
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