• cesardomboyI can't even explain how proud and excited I am about joining the #outlander family. Thanks to the Outlander's fans for all their greetings. I swear I'll do my best to be worthy of this amazing show playing Fergus. And worthy of your support too. Thanks guys
    Je n'ai pas de mots pour dire à quel point je suis fière et excité de rejoindre la famille d'Outlander. Je vais tout faire pour être à la hauteur du personnage de Fergus, du show et des fans de la série ! 💜🎉📽💥🐴⚡️❤️ @outlander_starz @entertainmentweekly #outlanderstarz #starz #entertainementweekly #sassenach #frog #fergus #lordbrochtuarach #netflix

  • clemgibletOmd!! C'est LA bonne nouvelle qu'il me fallait!!!!! On va don avoir un français avec un bon accent dans une super serie. Enfin!!
  • samiearlSO EXCITED!!! Welcome to the family!!!! My four favorite characters in the series are Jamie, Claire, Lord John Grey and Fergus. I'm fangirling like I've known you forever because of the books 😂I can't wait to hear that French accent 😍😍 *swoon and drop*
  • taribowest55Welcome to this amazing new adventure! 🙆 Et comme on dit chez nous "Merde". Profitez de chaque moments. ☺
  • claremarshall247Welcome to the Clan. Looking forward to seeing adult Fergus. You match my vision of him perfectly. Good luck!!
  • kathypataneHope your Marsali fits you well.
  • marlen714Can't wait to see you in the new season!
  • sheliadeneCannot wait to see you as Fergus! Welcome.
  • eyevwitnesswelcome to our family! and don't forget to take a selfie with cait and sam when you meet them. 😅
  • christal_1995Welcome 😊😊😊
  • frahsersTu es le bienvenue 😍😊 et ne t'en fait pas tu es parfaite pour le rôle de Fregus 😘😍 je te souhaite un bon départ dans la série ❤😚
  • ledaginainirioYay! Great casting. The Walk was superb! Congrats! @cesardomboy
  • rossyngr@irenesahhar
  • hymkexxyaayyy can't wait for the new season!!
  • ivina_lorenO Brasil amooouuuu o novo Fergus❤🎉
  • mariana_xmWelcome!!! ❤️❤️
  • judith_frnHappy for you! I'm sure you'll do a great job, you've got an awesome fandom supporting you!! xx
  • martine_2121YESSSSSSSSS I'm OK with u being fergus he's my favourite character
  • shelle_antonia7You will be great Cesar 😍
  • kate4ndYou will be terrific! No pressure, Fergus is my favorite character❤️
  • showcolenaHâte de voir cette 3eme saison !
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