• malinxolofssonHey guys, let's be real for a moment.
    No, I'm not pregnant, and no, this is not a food-baby ❌
    This is how pms looks like for me, and many other women. And it's nothing to be ashamed of.
    It is simply water retention and yes, it is really uncomfortable. But you know what makes it even more uncomfortable? -walking around hating your body because of it.
    There are already a lot of hormones effecting your mental state in quite a difficult matter, and during this period many of us need some extra self-care and gentleness.
    Trying to fight your physical body and how it appears during this time will not be a good idea since you're already more sensitive to physical neglect and self-loathing.
    It is really important that you learn to love yourself no matter how your body looks/how you perceive it - 'cause your body's shape/size/form will not be a constant factor. And this is what I look like for at least one week a month. And that is many weeks in a lifetime.
    So, I wanted to show you this - to show you that it is ok, that no one looks like the pictures they post on instagram at all times. We choose to show others what we are proud of - but I think it is important to be proud of the totality of you - to learn to be proud of you, no matter what your body looks like.
    Thanks for your support, love you guys 💕

  • cantu_soniaThank you!!!
  • sarahkambergThank you thank you thank you!!! I struggle with this exact thing!! I hated how my body looked before and during my period because I'm so use to my flat and muscular stomach and then when I PMS I bloat just like this. It shows me I'm not alone, that it's not anything I'm doing. It's just how my body is responding to hormonal changes
  • andieboltYou're amazing and gorgeous. Thanks for posting this.
  • malinxolofsson❤❤ @andiebolt
  • malinxolofssonyes! you're not alone! you're gorgeous no matter what and you're doing fine ❤❤ @sarahkamberg
  • demelzameijer@viviennebarkema
  • s_lehmanSaw this post on self.com and i wanted to say thank you - for being real and brave and sharing your story. Its inspiring to talk about living your body no matter what :)
  • the_accidental_yogiAbsolutely! Im so with you on this! Need to love ourselves, as hard as it is to remember this daily!
  • liss.xciithank u for being so real - you're definitely not alone with this 🙋🏽🤗! i really love your profile!
  • malinxolofssonThank you ❤ @liss.xcii
  • malinxolofsson❤❤ @s_lehman @the_accidental_yogi
  • outershellpicturesThank you for being so honest!
  • blustarzshivrBravo @malinxolofsson! You are an inspiring, brave and beautiful woman and a great human being! Thank you for your honesty. 💗👍🏻👍🏻
  • kate_wolfbaerThank you so much! Following now 😃
  • santi__lombardiI can so relate to this! You go girl! <3
  • mimiupyourlifeThanks @malinxolofsson i feel much better now because i sometimes have the same and practicing during those period is even more challenging because of this 😘😘
  • mamzellenatachathx!!!
  • homesinwausauThank you thank you thank you, for sharing this!!!!
  • malinxolofsson❤❤❤ @homesinwausau
  • silvisrmComfort to know that I am not alone. I will not be scared again by the mutation that I suffer once a month. We must always love each other, even though the days when we find ourselves so fat, sincerely, self-esteem falls on the ground. But thank you precious, for making us feel so identified with your post. @malinxolofsson
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