Tap video for sound
  • scorch_worksAfter just a few minutes of polishing. (copper filled PLA filament from @thevirtualfoundry )

  • jennthur2Wow!
  • scorch_works@jennthur2 yes, this is interesting stuff.
  • nomdemarqueWow!!! Would you do bigger sculptures on commission ??
  • scorch_works@nomdemarque No, but it's easy to 3D print with the copper filament. You just need a good 3D scan and a big enough 3D printer to make the size you want.
  • nomdemarqueCool, we're affraid it makes our nozzle clock due to the particles of metal... which 3D printer did you use ?
  • scorch_works@nomdemarque I used a Printrbot Simple. I ran it at 50% normal PLA speed (That is what @thevirtualfoundry recommended) I did notice that the filament does not handle overhangs as well as plain PLA. I didn't have any other issues but I have not printed much with it.
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