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  • stevekambBack in action! After 3 weeks of travel and #CampNerdFitness, it feels good to be monkeying around. Rocking a Camp Wizard shirt (I'm undercover), finishing out my workout with muscle ups, support holds, and dips.

    If I had to train with only one piece of equipment for the rest of my life, I think it would be gymnastic rings. I hang them up every day in the gym to train, I travel with them, and every workout involves them in some way.

    Btw, some new content coming to NF soon to teach you how to get started with rings, no matter what level you are!

    Have you ever tried playing with gymnastic rings? What's your biggest hurdle to starting with them?

  • jonathanmeadGood to see you man as always. The swoleness gives away your secret identity 😉
  • kelter70Sweet! I just got some rings & they're deceptively difficult, would love ideas on how to get better!
  • fitlife_militarywifeLove it! I guess my biggest hurdle is lack of upper body strength so I burn out after a minute 😆
  • kategalliettOh good! It's been awhile since I've gotten to worry about @stevekamb hitting his head on the upper support bar. 💂🏻
  • urbanjane.coSo awesome! Got so inspired after taking the ring class with @beastskills the camp. My hurdle is finding a place where to hang them. Home doorway pull up bar isn't too safe. Maybe need to figure out something outdoors.
  • tomthedruidFor me it's working out at home! Would love to try them but hard to find a place to hang them!
  • coupletraveltheworldVery cool
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