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  • fitnesspainfree3 Drills to Reduce a Muted Hip During Olympic Lifts.
    1) Having adequate mobility through the anterior hip is a pre-requisite for fully opening the hips during Olympic lifting.
    2) Next, low level strength and motor control drills are needed to teach how to move through the hip fully. Notice in the single leg bridge I start slowly, reach full range and then work on speed, all of which you'll need for the Olympic lifts.
    3) Lastly we need to make sure this new motion carries over to the Olympic lifts. This last drill is skill specific. I would follow these drills up with some more barbell drills and then get started with my Olympic lifting for the day.
    This is part of a continuum concept that @shift_movementscience came up with and we speak about @powermonkeyfitness camp. We progress along a spectrum to maximize the likelihood that your new movement will carry over to your skills. If you know anyone who could benefit from these drills then please share! #olympiclifting @mikecerbus @olychad @chadvaughnswife @v_real_mccoy @jessicalucero9 @reebok #teamreebok #reebok #powermonkeycamp

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  • adrianamunozaTotalll! Aquí los lesionados! Oye cuando entrenamos? Mañana puedo a la 1! 😊 @ecali89
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