• statusaudioWham.

  • us3rname____________________Really like where this company is going. Just wasn't really impressed with the HD One. Not the most comfortable headphones, and more treble than bass.
  • geartalk@pepejack_ mine seem pretty flat, frequency wise. I think they're more comfortable than the other set of high end cans I have.
  • us3rname____________________@geartalk agreed. I own a pair of sms street by 50. Honestly better sounding in all categories . My HD One's were discomforting after 20 minutes of earwear. Such a shame. I had good expectations after all of the reviews.
  • ring.migMost comfortable ones i ever owned my hd ones. And i love the sound. Sure you didn't strap them too tight or pulled the cord or something. I love the "flat" sound aswell.
  • davejawuHey guys i placed an order 7 days ago and still no shipping or customer service response. Can I get an update?
  • 94gustavo_mI ordered 5 weeks ago and still nothing! Worst customer support ever
  • kyanmadeit@davejawu @94gustavo_m did you guys ever get the headphones cos im having a similar issue? Thank you
  • davejawu@kyanmadeit i did
  • kyanmadeit@davejawu yes I managed to get in contact with status audio and my headphones have been sent out now, how long was the shipping for you? Thanks for replying by the way
  • justatadd_Yall should make some sport earbuds I'd be in love
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