How I handle a new bullet journal layout that doesn't work for me: turn the page and move on! Can't do that with a pre-printed planner. 💜📖🖋💜 #moveon #notperfect #bulletjournaling #bujo #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalcommunity #plannerspread #paperplanner #planneraddict
  • pageflutterHow I handle a new bullet journal layout that doesn't work for me: turn the page and move on! Can't do that with a pre-printed planner. 💜📖🖋💜 #moveon #notperfect #bulletjournaling #bujo #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalcommunity #plannerspread #paperplanner #planneraddict

  • mtlhdtrixOMG - I did the same layout this week for the first time and had the same feeling!! Going back to what I love
  • gobrownnI've started bullet journaling at the beginning of September and each week is a different layout. I'm trying to figure out which is best for me!
  • alissaletendreThat's one of my favorite things about bullet journal-style planning. You get to experiment and make it your own. Even if your own changes from week to week. All about the flexibility. :)
  • pageflutter@mtlhdtrix It looked so promising, but my brain couldn't execute it! Everyone needs something different, I guess. 😉
  • pageflutter@gobrownn You'll find it! I have a layout that works well for me, but I tried the one above for a change. It was too drastic. I should have tweaked what already worked. Enjoy finding your rhythm! 💜📖
  • pageflutter@alissaletendre Absolutely! Our lives change, why shouldn't our planners? 👍🏼
  • lolajlbujoI agree, too!
  • lia_delacThis is what I love most about bullet journaling as a planner. Some weeks I have a million appointments and need lots of per-day room. Some are more flexible and I need a big weekly to-do space. Plus being able to flip to notes about anything important and only have one thing to carry around? Perfect.
  • pageflutter@lolajbujo @lia_delac 😊💜
  • coffeeandkittymorningsI do love the looks though 😍✨
  • pageflutter@coffeeandkittymornings I did, too! It wasn't right for me, but it's a clever layout that works for many people.
  • charmaine.wallaceExactly!!!! You get to pick and choose. Even turn the page and start the week over. Because you can!!
  • pageflutter@charmaine.wallace Which is exactly what I did on Monday evening. 😄🙌
  • sherstewartI love this - way to funny and one of the many great things about bullet journalling
  • pageflutter@sherstewart Thank you so much! 😊💜
  • makeupbymikeWhich notebook is this that you use? Leuchtturn 1917 right? Which one? The A4 or A5? I'm trying to decide and I'm not sure what the differences are? :/ this is smaller than standard letter size right? I'm torn!
  • pageflutter@makeupbymike It's the A5 Leuchtturm1917 (5.75 x 8.25). It's often called Medium by Leuchtturm. If you fold a standard 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper in half, that's an A5. I hope that helps! The B4 is the size of a composition book, and the A4 is about the same size as a standard sheet of letter paper. I personally feel the A4 is good for desk work, but too big to use as an on-the-go planner. Hope that helps!
  • makeupbymike@pageflutter omg I love you! Thanks so much. I am no longer torn. I'll go with the A5. Thank you so much for all of your help. I am so glad that I found you.
  • theprettylilthings💓 Beautiful 💓
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