#family times β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’—
  • mariahcarey#family times β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’—
  • cutiemami87When you know you're a diva..
  • dinaamartinezzSame old ugly peep toe ankle strap platform tired arse shoes with thick panty hose.
  • clara_lanfuFuck u alannah_danae06,is ur daughter who gon be a slut,infact ur entire generation will be sluts,bitch ur on weed or what talking abt a small lil girl like dat,hater u will keep envying n hating till u die,dats ur punishment God has punish u with,devil
  • clara_lanfu@alannah_danae06,ur a bitch
  • alannah_danae@clara_lanfu the feeling is mutual. Oh do I need to give to the definition
  • ernestinevega33Trying to figure out who you kids came out looking like
  • princess_cherokeeBeautiful pic and gorgeous kids! Just like mommy and daddy!
  • carliparisi@kristajcoffin
  • shellshell8881Who are the cutest kids on the planet
  • justme.giadaI tell you without any effort that this picture is absolutely amazing. So full of love, peace, happiness, that I actually have found myself staring at it, wishing for these feelings to become reality here and to just surround me.
  • justme.giadaTo eat me hahaha
  • tarynaholtThat is all right.Of you
  • dalilita73Me encanta😍 sus hijos su prioridad.
  • nisha_reniseKids are lovely!!!
  • velu_0886Omg your Wax face! Wtf
  • bananasomyfosterGotta outshine everyone huh, even your kids
  • mariahdaahlingYou have a wonderful family! You are such a great mom and Rocky and Roe are so lucky to have you because you care about them so much! I love you as much as you love them! Always remember how great you are! Xo
  • alahnna_10You are a great mom and you have cute twins your also beautiful
  • rlenevakonCan you pls go back to Nick
  • paulyaeSeeeeee? @nubeemac3
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