• ravenous_rosieEXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! today is veganism day 1. but, I will be transparent by saying not 100% strictly vegan... I will continue consuming eggs occasionally. but don't panic! the eggs I will be eating are produced by my family's very own free range chickens, who are nurtured just like any other family member. these are former cage hens but are no longer confined to a tiny, painful environment nor are they forced to lay eggs. the eggs I will be eating are coming from very happy chickens - I just want to make that clear! I am wary of becoming B12 deficient and do not want to take a supplement when eggs are a completely natural source. however I intend to keep the rest of my diet vegan, and pledge to no longer buy leather or fur clothing. i am extremely excited to begin this journey, as I have already dabbled in vegan cooking and have been dairy free for about a month (which is incredible for clearing acne). hopefully this also helps heal my stomach and I'll remain low fodmap to test this theory. I'm letting food be my medicine in so many ways - not only to heal my body but also hopefully my headspace. major confession / announcement number 2: I am also recovering from a long stint with depression and anxiety. I'm very proud that I finally feel comfortable enough to share this with you all, especially because of the close bonds I have formed in this community - that means you @healingkatestum and @larassmallworld! writing false-happy captions is quite hard for me, so from now on, my captions will be open and honest.
    last thing: I'm not going
    to force my views on others - let's preach not rant! if someone wants to eat meat, that is their choice, and I do not intend on blasting people with the "so why aren't YOU vegan?!" rant. I suspect the recipes from my favourite vegan bloggers including @ohsheglows, @thefirstmess @naturallyella and @connordays are about to become particularly well used... here's to a new lifestyle and new food experiments!
    okay, speech over. rosie out ☺️
  • emscribblerYay!! You can do it💪❣️ keep it up💓
  • tahliawattsssgoodluck with being vegan and super proud of you for coming out about everything! I love you Rosie !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • ravenous_rosie@kate_horman thanks so much for the support! really appreciate it I was very nervous before posting this but it was so hard to remain writing positive captions on bad days - felt like I was pretending to be someone I'm not. thanks for sharing my excitement too 💜
  • ravenous_rosie@jlfitnutrition - Im just wary of becoming deficient in a vitamin that can only be sourced from animal products! especially when I know the eggs we eat are made without cruelty. thanks for the kind words!
  • ravenous_rosie@tahliawattsss thanks gorgeous I'm proud of me too. much love 💕💕
  • livelovenourishausYum!
  • jlfitnutrition@ravenous_rosie absolutely! I think it's really smart and sensible that you're making sure you get enough of the right nutrients 😊 and well done on being open about your struggles, I have anxiety and PTSD-like symptoms as a result of my cancer battles and one of the things that made everything a bit better was knowing I wasn't alone in how I was feeling. We're all here for you ☺️💕
  • theveganferriCongratulations you can do it!! We are all here for you!! Nutritional yeast is also a natural B12 source :)
  • healingkatestum@ravenous_rosie oh Rosie! I'm really proud of you. It just goes to show how appearances can be deceiving and a lot of us really do just share the good things in life, which is totally fine of course! But. There is something refreshing in just being yourself and admitting when you stuff up or are having a bad day. Allowing yourself to not appear perfect means you're putting less pressure on yourself too so I really hope this helps with your recovery! Sorry to hear you're having a rough time at the moment, but I'm looking forward to following your new vegan adventure and hearing about your good AND bad days! Also here for you if you want to chat about anything! 😘😘😘
  • innerpickle_I'm so proud of you, beautiful. Congratulations on being strong enough to be so open and honest, and making these changes for yourself 😙 I'm here if you ever need to chat, or even just for support! But keep doing what you're doing, because we all love it. And in the meantime, I look forward to hearing a bit more about you 💕
  • ravenous_rosie@innerpickle_ thanks so much! I have been seriously overwhelmed by how much support and positivity my two big announcements have been met with. it's taken me a long time to become this open about 'real life' beyond the faux smile and Instagram world. have a lovely day!!
  • ravenous_rosie@healingkatestum naw Kate thank you so much! I'm hoping it is very refreshing - pretending to be someone I'm not even just through this platform is so straining. 💜💜
  • ravenous_rosie@jlfitnutrition thanks for the support and I'm here if you ever want or need to chat about anything as well. 💕
  • ravenous_rosie@theveganferri yes I am looking into that! I also really love cheese but know it was not good for my body, skin, or the animals so nutritional yeast should be a good way to get a cheese-like fix. thanks for the support 💜
  • tanyaleebrownLove this. Thank you for being so honest. I try to do the same😉Best of luck with your low FODMAP & vegan diet!😘
  • ravenous_rosie@tanyaleebrown thanks and same to you with the tummy troubles!
  • tanyaleebrownThank you lovely😊❤️
  • niulifeYum looks good!!..
  • h.bryonywhat if your chickens actually feel oppressed??
  • ravenous_rosie@h.bryony don't tell me how my chickens feel
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