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  • strawsleeves#Starbuck's has been in the national #USA news about advocating #plasticstraws, claiming that children injure their mouths on #reusable #stainlesssteelstraws. I find it hard to believe because the reusable straws I have are not sharp at all! It would be awesome if a big #brand like this would take responsibility for all of the #plastictrash that is generated as single use cups and straws are supplied by the millions! Where do you think they all end up? I welcome your comments here! @plasticpollutes @surfrider @oceanfriendlyrestaurantsoc @saveourshores @strawsfilm @plasticfreejuly @lifewithoutplastic @noplasticstraws @surfriderla @sfsurfrider

  • strawsleeves@sipstrawstraws awesome to finally have #earthfriendlyalternatives in single use! #straws
  • fashionchicstaUgggg! This sounds like A) a green straw branding marketing plan and B) just because THEIR straws were sharp (remember the recall), doesn't mean all #reusable straws are sharp! Mine are PERFECT and protected with by @strawsleeves! #SkipPlasticStraws
  • enjoygalapagos#nostraws🚫
  • trashybeachThat sounds like bullshit to me! Stainless steel straws aren't sharp and don't cause trash!
  • sharonsrose13I have an invention for a lid that will do away with the straw all together. ...just need funding to patent it.
  • twioosRidiculous! What a lame excuse to keep using the cheap but poisonous plastic straws. Very disappointed in you @starbucks ☹️
  • 1stcremiatwinTypical corporate lies. Just another reason for me to continue my boycott of Starbucks. It has been over 5 years since I've been in one or purchased anything from them. Boo for you @starbucks 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • refusereusePlastic straws can hurt too if you stab the roof of your mouth with them.
  • slowcoast.official@starbucks it's easy to be the leader of change when already leader in sales... Hopefully they can catch on soon, Everyone else seems to be
  • voertiHonestly I've gotten hurt more with a plastic straw than with glass straws lol. Glass is rounder and smoother. The only thing that would be dangerous is if you dropped it and it shattered (unlikely). Even then you can use stainless steel straws!
  • ilovedakineMy boys (2 &6) are both perfectly fine as long as we supervise them. I dont like plastic ones anyways bcuz my 2yr old try to chew on it, but he never chew the stainless ones! I think the parents whose kids got hurt w stainless straws didnt supervise them n just blamed on Starbucks. So sad! It's not Starbucks, it's the parents!!! And those friends in the ocean dont complain.... so we will need to grumble and complain for them that Starbucks should bring back all those stainless straws and maybe introduce silicon straws it is scared of those monster parents!!!
  • raw.camera👏👏👏👏👏
  • strawsfilmFrom what I can glean from research Starbucks is not advocating plastic straws use in their news release. They have recalled 2.5 Chinese made steel straws re: "The firm has received three reports of mouth lacerations to young children while drinking." This is unfortunate as it could be perceived as saying all steel straws could cause potential harm. This seems like a quality control issue of such a large amount made for low cost.
  • kidskonserveWe see green starbucks straws everywhere.
  • drainstooceanJust say no! #plasticstraws
  • 7strawsNo Starbucks in South Australia so no silly green Starbucks straws here! 😄
  • noplasticstrawsTake a picture of Starbucks green straws whenever you see them in our environment put it in the trash and post on Instagram #notsogreenstraws #litteratti @Starbucks
  • strawsleeves@noplasticstraws great idea!!
  • koffiestrawOur team went to SB headquarters 7/19/16 and introduced them to @KoffieStraw - hoping they reach out soon! melanie/melody from global products loved the idea of our reusable and soft straw!
  • strawsleevesThis is wonderful @koffiestraw ! Let's collab and get some sleeves for your straws out there so everyone can pack the straw easily when traveling about.
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