What really drew us into Soy (Chinese Restaurant) during our visit to The Dubai Mall was its absolute Chinese ambiance. Being in it was like an instant trip to China. The motley of lanterns and interior decors that are predominantly red carry that commendatory implications in China. The country's red loving customs can be traced back to the antediluvian worship of the fire, which always sheltered people with warmth and safety. And, for the record, the food did not disappoint us. We loved each of the dishes which was timely served. We just finished our city tour, via a bus, at that moment. Needless to say there was not a grain of rice or pepper left on the plates. 😋 #storiesofthewanderingfeet #storiesofthewanderingfeetandmind #thewanderingstenographer #whenindubai #traveltodaytv #chinese #restaurant #lantern #soyrestaurant #dubai #uae
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