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  • tombabinLook what's forming on 20th Street S.W.: a nicely painted area to be doored.

  • peterloliverLooking at the street width it doesn't look like they had room for any buffers - unless they removed parking on both sides. I rode a similar street design on Vancouver St in Portland and it wasn't too bad.
  • tombabinFunny how older cities with much narrower streets find a way to protect cyclists. We must have terrible imaginations.
  • itcaughtmyeyeNot protected?
  • bikebikeyycDooring lane? Pehaps. But if you hug the left side of the bike lane you'll probably be ok.
  • thisishooperMy small kids and I ride in this neighbourhood all the time. It is sad that paint passes for cycling infrastructure. I will not be taking my kids down 20th any time soon.
  • dannykidradioThese are the worst. On my road bike I can keep up with city traffic (40-45kmph) so when I take a lane drivers pass me and yell at me to get in the lane or the side walk. No no. This is also my lane.. smh. These lines only add to their ignorant case
  • midtoadPut the bike lane next to the curb and the Park cars in the middle of the road. Then drivers will be more careful.
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