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  • theptinitiativePosterior Chain Activation with a Lower Trap and Balance focus - since most people sit a lot, we are prone to weakness and decreased activation of our posterior chain.
    Achieving proper glute , hamstring, and spinal stabilizer activation simultaneously is tough!
    That's what this exercise forces you to do.
    Furthermore, If your client needs lower trap work but gets bored with things like I,Y,T's have them try this one out.
    This move is actually pretty advanced. To keep balance and good form the whole time is tough.
    I would start with a single leg deadlift with light dumbbells to make sure balance won't limit the exercise. From there start incorporating light dumbbells.
    This one is fantastic to encourage proper posterior chain engagement before a big leg day!
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  • kevkapppNice!!! 👌🏼
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