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  • thisisgroundWe made a limited run of Inserts with our collaborator @drawsta integrating augmented reality as a way to beam content into the Mod. We want to hear from you - what kind of animations would you like to see within the Mod? We'd love to hear your ideas which you can leave in the comments below. #tigmod3 @tiledit

  • sevendaytheoryThis is sick
  • jay_divizionIt would be cool if we would be able to upload like a little 3-5 second video or picture sooo we could see our own content inside :)
  • the_pretty_bourgeoisieI agree with @jaylucidlydreaming. It would be cool to have pictures from home while traveling with one of your organizers.
  • skybambiThose new compartments!! 😍
  • skybambiAnd yes, being able to further personalise by beaming your own picture or video will surely be a conversation starter and attention grabbing feature to an already amazing carrier!
  • artsuitcaseHaha, funny. Interesting new compartments design. I love it!!
  • sotohitoI don't get it.
  • catharinemisookI love the new compartments and design!!! 😍❤️ And I like the brilliant ideas mentioned above particularly personalizing your picture or video as suggested by @skybambi! ❤️👌🙌
  • simon_noval👍👍👍
  • daniel_m74This is so awesome! 👌🌟
  • exil_et_royaume😍😍
  • kukulstudioThis is cool! Maybe an animation of the gadgets coming to life would be nice to see @thisisground
  • dannysbestfriendDefinitely something Star Wars related because of Leia's "call for help."
  • clarisseraemeyerI'd love to collaborate with you guys if you would like to!
  • nguyening.at.lifeOh real time clock!
  • thejustinchamberssmall tweaks HIGH PEAKS
  • annakateselbyWhat the hell is this!? It's so cool! I
  • janibrahaHow i can buy it ???
  • drspock7@thisisground I'd like to see a paintbrush painted a rainbow....on its own
  • kodacrem@odacrema
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