Making immune-suppression high fashion 🌷👌 finally I feel a little bit safe in public places! (Ps if any of my fellow spoonie babes want to know where I got this it's from ✨ #chronicallycute #spoonie #immunesuppressed #autoimmune #chronicillness #spoonielife
  • littlepineneedleMaking immune-suppression high fashion 🌷👌 finally I feel a little bit safe in public places! (Ps if any of my fellow spoonie babes want to know where I got this it's from ✨ #chronicallycute #spoonie #immunesuppressed #autoimmune #chronicillness #spoonielife

  • samantha_needleartDefinitely need a DIY for that !
  • eyrakit@spamika_
  • sea.saba@ma_ruth omg a diy would be so cool !!
  • smoothorangejuiceYou should do a diy video on cute masks!
  • littlepineneedle@hellishbiscuit @smoothorangejuice @star.saba @_sarah.sharpe_ @ma_ruth it's made with medical grade antimicrobial fabric of 1micrometre aerosol exclusion & also needs to fit really properly to be effective - I don't think a DIY version would be super healthy/work as well! And obviously I need it to work really well coz, like, that's super important for me!
  • littlepineneedle@sakuyaluigi so was mine, which is why I'm on so many immunosuppressants so my immune system stops eating my arteries! 😰 the new treatment seems good so far but still early days!
  • smoothorangejuiceOh i see! Well thats ok ❤ glad it works for you
  • smoothorangejuiceYou could always decorate a plain medical grade one I guess! ❤❤
  • me_and_jdlatest research says they're only really effective for the first twenty minutes after that the effectiveness decreases and it starts to let things through.
  • zoeofthewestI love that! It's so cute!
  • kmrogers678Um hello.... DIY that thing! Lol
  • babsjuniorI definitely plan on getting one! I'd rather go in style than feel like I'm JUST a patient. With school starting back, I'm gonna need to stay away from the germs! Thanks for showing me this, gal!
  • sea.saba@littlepineneedle darn!
  • wheezyroseOmg love you fellow spoonie! Thank you for sharing this part of you it really helps me be more open about it!
  • lolo_meghanI started watching your YouTube channel a few days ago. I craft a lot being home with and auto immune illness. I'm so incredibly inspired by you, and even more so knowing you struggle with illness too. Thank you for being so open and so talented!
  • hotpinksunOmg 💖🙌 I need one!!!
  • amiewordnerdI'm looking at buying one of these masks at the moment. I'm on immunosuppressants too and every time I've caught something since starting them it's been truly horrible. I was just wondering how yours has been going? Do you think it helps? I'm a bit worried it won't be comfortable in the Queensland heat and humidity, but I guess a bit of discomfort will still be better than getting a raging ear infection every time someone gives me a cold.
  • littlepineneedle@amiewordnerd I think it does. Medically it makes sense - the filters are small enough to stop both air droplets and vapour and also bacteria (viruses can get through but only if they're totally naked and unclumped which would be unlikely because they're usually transmitted through airdrop lets and this prevents that. I study microbiology too lol so I know what I'm saying here 😁) I've had one cold since I got the mask and not a bad one either, and I was on 4 different immunosuppressants all at once for a few months (now 3!). And the peace of mind it gives me is also invaluable. It is NOT comfortable in the heat but the website suggests wetting it when it's hot. Haven't tried that yet but I'm going to have to soon!
  • littlepineneedle(By the way, "naked virus" as in not contained in a water droplet, not "naked" in the microbiological sense ie no envelope)
  • amiewordnerdI'll definitely be ordering one this week now. Thank you so much for the reply! 😷💜
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