• atemaraI just got home from the gym, I thought this #throwback picture is appropriate for what I want to share with you all.
    My heart is so heavy right this moment. From being completely happy, a single comment can really change the entire mood just like that.
    As I was working out, a lady came up to me. Asked why I needed my white cane. I explained nicely, "because I am legally blind." She then replied, "but you're not completely blind, so why do you need it?". At this point, I knew she wasn't educated to the different types of vision loss and that not because youre completely blind is when we use the white cane. And so I did, I explained to her all that. I thought at this point it was all good. But it's when she hit me hard with "Well it's so crowded here at the gym, you shouldn't be in this kind of place because you can trip people with that thing". I didn't know what to really say, and so I just said "I have been at this gym for years and I'm not bothering anyone or not once thats happened. I'm here to just get my workout in." Can you imagine I cried a little as I was finishing up my bicep curls? Because in so many ways it hit me hard. That there are people who will never get it or just plain cruel people. I have heard many bullshit and people saying things to me or about me when I'm out. Or people staring and whispering. All I ever really do preach is to be kind. We are all going through battles of our own, a little comment goes along way. I look back at this picture with @prettymemakeup @west_studio beginning of this year and I have come along way. I've stayed on track with my fitness, and this new lifestyle. Why would I get the lady at the gym or others stop me from reaching my goals and staying fit. Or doing what I enjoy. If she and whoever can take the #HowEyeSeeIt challenge with me and @fightblindness, they would know and understand how tough working out is with my condition. But I kill it everyday.
    And don't worry, I am fine now.
    Stay strong everyone and be nice! Xo
    Stay Blessed.💞💪🏽

  • atemara@chrissyrenee and you are amazing too. It doesnt matter what others think, important thing is, you are doing whats right and doing whats best for you to stay strong dealing with vision loss! Happy we crossed paths. Continue to inspire me! 💞😘 visit me? Lol
  • atemara@chrissichrissy thank you for this! Means the world to me to have your love and support. I appreciate it. Hope all is well with you and your fam. Stay Blessed!!! 💞😘 and hope to see you again soon!
  • atemara@laurad_9 love you so much sis. Thank you for everything. You already know how much you guys mean to me. Xoxoxoxo 💞😘
  • atemara@caroline_kettlebake awww thank you for this!!! Means the world to me. Hope you are well! And stay awesome! 💞😘
  • atemara@notummymommy you know i feel the same way. We may be so busy but never forget that i am always here. Thankful for you and so grateful we met! Love you Trisha! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Xoxoxoxo 💞😘
  • atemara@luciastar93 thank you for this. Awww made me teary. You are absolutely so right. Thank you for the love and being so understanding and the support. Means the world to me. And so happy to hear about your teacher. Now that is amazing. Only cause im going blind and deaf too! But life is so amazing still! Hope you are well. Stay Blessed! 💞😘
  • atemara@shinez_ girl, where have you been? I love you and miss you. Thank you for always showing love and support. I really appreciate it all. Hoping we can meet one day soon! Love you beautiful and keep me inspired always. 💞😘
  • atemara@grector71 im happy that we crossed paths. You have no idea how much i appreciate your love and support. Makes me so happy that we can relate in so many ways. And how we can overcome all our struggles. We have to always stay strong. Thank you for everything. Remember that you are special. Never let anyone break you down! Stay Blessed. And hope you are well! 💙
  • atemara@cynthiajeh hahahaaha you literally made me laugh out loud! Hahaha. Thank you girl!! I appreciate that. And all the love and support. Stay Blessed.💞
  • atemara@bergenhightower you know, as much as it breaks my heart that there can be adults that are like this. It breaks my hurt more when i see children going through it. At the end of the day, we are far more special than those people. Happy to see that Isla can still live life and love life! And thats all that matters. As much as i struggle everyday and i break down, life goes on and we gotta stay strong and stay positive. What do I get out of giving up? Thankful that you found me! Would love to hear more about Isla! And you! Continue to smile and def continue to inspire me. Its people like you who give me so much life. 💞😘 thank you.
  • oxo_cruuLife is sometimes out of difficulties. Not all humans as we are conscious about this disease maybe somehow lives for this disease. You are my most positive woman I've ever seen you're gheto. I love you. It keeps you from doing anything you want every time Gates don't give up
    I'd love to. Don't worry, don't cry and pray that one day everything I believe the last find💐❤️🙏🏻@atrmara
  • oxo_cruu@atemara
  • grector71@atemara Thank you. Same to you.
  • atemara@oxo_cruu i appreciate your message and love. Where you from?
  • oxo_cruuI write you from Turkey. I'm not a rp patient. But there are people in my family, the most common causes of rp brother. I love him. I found you while doing research to help him. You are strong, you're happy, you're making real your dreams ... . People here don't understand them does not know what rp and no awareness therefore not your big fan you rp patients like you some people life gates, so you're changing❤️@atemara
  • oxo_cruu@atemara
  • nailmami@atemara stumbled,no pun intended, into your IG account this morning as I started reading your story through your feed I can't help but admire your strength. Keep inspiring others cause you just did. I'll be following your journey. Hope to meet you one day. 😍
  • atemara@nailmami hiiiiiii!! Awww this makes me sooo happy!! So happy to come across supportive and nice people such as you. Thank you for this lovely message. Means the world to me! And im sure we will meet on day!!!!!
  • allaine2702💕💕💕💕💕
  • amputee_katPeople's ignorance knows no bounds! You're amazing
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