Fresh flowers for mommy . . .
  • daveyblackburnFresh flowers for mommy . . .

  • pinkcamo420This breaks my heart but then as a mother of young sons I can see the importance of having him there. God loves you so much. And you KNOW that God loves Amanda more than you. She has one Child with her in heaven and you have one.:.. God is with you ALWAYS. Forever. Your son is blessed to have you - he's one BLESSED BOY!!
  • kdgimbertMay God be with you both today and the many to come. :(
  • msadia1021May God forever bless you all
  • bettendorf93So sad. He is adorable.
  • rubymomma76Seeing Evie's name on there made me instantly cry like a baby. Seeing you so strong it's easy to forget just how much you lost that fall morning. I'm so sorry.
  • marfoster13This is a tear jerker, he is so handsome! May god be with you today and the many to come! ❤️ continuing prayers for you're family @daveyblackburn
  • myrasheltWe love you both
  • salcharris@stephe43 😭
  • salcharris@bhtomlinson 😭
  • adelemonaideJust happened upon your feed and y'all's story. My heart aches so deeply for you and your family. Asking the Lord for rest and comfort for your soul, and for wisdom as you raise y'all's precious boy.
  • thebradshawgroupPrayers for you and your son. Stay strong and know God is with you both. (And so is Amanda.) 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • stephaniehamilton10💜💜💜
  • shdixiegirlSending love & prayers for you both!! ❤️🙏🏻
  • jessicalexis@tan.camps
  • lisaforsbergleyPrayers for you both and all Amanda's loved ones. I'm sure she's so proud of both of you!
  • phyllis9571God bless you and Weston!!
  • live2worship_This makes me tear up! 💔
  • sgweaver52So sad this little boy should be in his mom's arms or sitting in her lap. Bless
  • zhannaleontyuk@olgabrichak
  • vroip😢😢
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