Hai! I made some #Whole30 deviled eggs with sugar-free bacon flags! Yay me! R1:D18 Tiger blood fo' sho'!
  • bonnie.gillespieHai! I made some #Whole30 deviled eggs with sugar-free bacon flags! Yay me! R1:D18 Tiger blood fo' sho'!

  • terriganeyYay for Tiger Blood! Nice work!!! How did you know/could you tell you hit it? I'm not sure when/if I ever did during round 1. Today is Round 2 Day 8 for all four of us. 👍🏼
  • amberwegner777You are so damn cute!
  • bonnie.gillespie@amberwegner777 I'm so proud! I (used to) burn water!!!
  • bonnie.gillespie@terriganey Yay for round 2!! I had two looooooong days (Saturday and Sunday) and stayed up late last night. When I woke up this morning on 4.5 hours' sleep, I could not WAIT to work out! All day I've had great energy, a "go get 'em" spirit, and a great appetite! Very pleased!
  • crackerjackjsYou're SO GOOD AT COOKING NOW!! Are you loving the whole30?
  • bonnie.gillespie@crackerjackjs It's shocking, isn't it? @jenlosi said, "Burning water is so 2015." 😂 Yeah, I do love #Whole30. I miss cheese and booze (I knew I would) but I'm loving being such an active participant in my own wellness!
  • atrizmarthabritoLooks awesome.
  • terriganey@bonnie.gillespie Wow! That is so amazing!!!! I think it's pretty amazing how all of these things happen by a change in our food. I think maybe my Tiger Blood came by way of my sleep. I go to bed earlier, and I wake up feeling pretty good. I've never been a morning person. Maybe that's my biggest change. It does feel wonderful to have good sleep & wake up satisfied.
  • bonnie.gillespie@atrizmarthabrito Thank you! @terriganey I got such bad sleep last night. Was so groggy this morning. Started moving with my morning workout and BAM, there flowed the Tiger Blood again. Hubs really has it! It's amazing!
  • terriganey@bonnie.gillespie That is wonderful!!! Good for you!!!! I want to feel that way! 😉
  • bonnie.gillespie@terriganey Hang in there; it's coming!!
  • terriganey@bonnie.gillespie 😀😀😀Thanks!!!
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