• chilivaniliaEnnek a szír/libanoni töltött cukkininek a főzése sok idő es munka volt (a bebicukkini kivajasa es toltese) de minden perce megérte. Lesz majd recept. / really really loved to cook this dish, worth every minute of the hard work. #summercooking #inmykitchen #budapest #csaba32 #kousamahshi

  • csillierdeimassija @chilivanilia isteni, megéri!!! 😉🍅
  • ossama19801Well done :) i would suggest to have the sauce more liquid with spicy green paprika , lamb meat with bones is a must ( barany gerinc ) then you eat :)))) 👍👌🏻@ chilivanilia
  • chilivanilia@ossama19801 yes, the sauce should be definetely more liquid, I know:) but in addition to tomato paste I added some very good fresh tomato and the sauce was so full of flavor that I decided to puree it:) plus I added some harissa😂 cant wait to taste your, authentic version!:)
  • ossama19801My god i could eat 20 pieces now 😂😂😂, cant wait for Saturday to buy this zucchini @chilivanilia
  • via_urbaneveKüldenék fénypostával, itt rendszeresen van a piacon!
  • chilivanilia@via_urbaneve na, ettől még jobban tetszik ez a Brighton!:)
  • via_urbaneve@chilivanilia egyszer muszáj lesz erre járnod, az ajánlatom él! :)
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